Gambia’s Political Tribalism Of Carnage

By Unbiased Prince 

Indeed, I left it in Political Tribalism of carnage hence in real relentless of dismaying the citizenries’ Aspirational Mutuality. Terminally falling into a Complete Ruin State of whereby disturbing in details and way at its Trepidation but only merited to such sadistic affaires By the APRC failed leadership’s Empty Skull.

If anyone should be asking me about the bases of 22nd July so call Revolution coming to existence today. I would say it’s way bang out of order fellows and those involve in such disgusting paten of political egoistically must be brought to account so that total difference could precedes over. 

The unprincipled reality of its kind in matters of triviality that it had since fetched, but only brought about for disturbances and in echoing the APRC failed leadership’s stupidity and murderousness kind on Gambian Nation is apparent and it’s just too ruthless for my appetite of Self-Governing administrative or regime change from what the previous PPP regime were. 

Our country indeed fellows. But as of what it is today and for being thaw out to referential debris, is what I’m on about. While I’m I’m therefore and yet again but only referring to the same Gambian Nation that we all loved so dearly, is now wedged with witted jeopardy of wicked witched that is worse than any country in Africa. Endlessly wrecked but way in tatters of within the political disturbance of wafting the affaires of the citizens and all of which is thanks to the APRC failed leadership for making all happen.

Our Gambian Nation and people are at stiffened of core egoism of power greed and ignorance griping but ripping all the realities of assessed throughout time of the two decades that the illegal regime of APRC have been in power. Awfully change the National effects to catastrophic APRC stupidity hence only motivated in heartless of flows. While lured into stupid political system of however, yet intentionally and well denigrated in banditry style to suit somebody in the Gambia’s Statehouse and we all know who that idiotic individual is even without the needing of my mentioning of his name.

Meanwhile though fellows, the vulnerable Gambian society and its citizens are also, but intensely stretched without boundaries of its endurance in Natural fortitude for APRC failed leadership’s awful desires and full of real heartlessness in peculiarity to subsist in details.

Like I have always said. ‘The APRC failed leadership had now turn almost the whole Gambian population to street beggars, economic and political migrants, political prisoners and more, despite of his endless promises of still tolling in our memories for Gambian Nation’s attainable developments.

Not only that though fellows, but also now to these greedy creatures that are breeding the Kanilai Monster’s idiocy and only but to suit his own awful desires in imprudent (careless for decency) which he created in the midst of all the Gambians hardship and only for people to be face with its furthermore of happening daily if removing him from our political affairs should become a failure of our attainable. 

I’m therefore and from this point onwards urging you all my Gambians fellows, to please put our pass differences out of site. But pull ourselves together while within physically or mentally and spiritual affiliation of distinctive in serving the best interest of our people and Nation as it’s the same blood paten running in all our veins of certainly. 

Form a unifying bond of solidarity in all goodness without fail my dear people therefore, because out of our dutiful to a social cohesion, we are enhanced to elapse of any political mystification be face in this universal gimmicks fellows.

Together, I strongly understand but also believe our force is mightier and way imperial, but impregnable and yet undefeatable by anything that evil men like the Kanilai Monster is competent of doing or being any ill desires that he might have still only be wanting to throw at us.

Please fellow Gambians, be in the spectaculars of witnessing decency over throwing lewdnessness as the APRC failed leadership is so happily to have us in his stupid but colonial bullshit of continues actions.

Many thanks for your timely attention and the efforts you preciously took to read, but absorbed the needs for our attentiveness within my message of real veneration of attribution here fellows.

I also presume that you would if not by now, in the fortitudes of whole reality of which should be driving us all to reach out for the same perceptive of reasonable and tolerance in making Gambia and the World a better place but safer environment for our feature generation.




  1. Can u speak simple English my prince. I have no clue what u are talking about. Kairo where is ur editorial team. Gosh simplicity is gud men

  2. I am also lost in translation! A very good headline nevertheless.

  3. Sutaykuta

    😂😂😂😂, I thought it was only me finding it hard to make sense of this and the penultimate piece. catchy headlines though👍.

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