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Barrow Extolls Gambian Voters

PRESIDENT BARROW CONGRATULATES ALL GAMBIANS FOR THE PEACEFUL CONDUCT OF THE COUNCILLORSHIP ELECTIONS; REAFFIRMS HIS COMMITMENT TO DEMOCRATIC VALUES His Excellency President Adama Barrow , the Secretary General and Party Leader of the National People’s Party (NPP) wishes to thank all members and supporters of NPP, National Reconciliation Party (NRP), […]


President Jammeh Was Sent Packing

Gambian protesters on Friday sent their President home earlier than scheduled. President Yahya Jammeh was scheduled to fly home on Sunday, which according to New York protesters, clearly meant their disturbances at Ritz Carlton Hotel have paid off. President Yahya Jammeh delivered his 69th United Nations General Assembly meeting on […]


Oppressed Gambia Wails In Agony

By Lamin Saddam Sanyang, The Netherlands What a shame. What a pain. Oh, What a Sin. My heart bleeds in agony anytime I think of Gambia’s frail situation. No Gambian can deny the Gambia is sinking in her own drips of blood purged by her very own children. Eh! Allah. […]



By Ebou Gaye As you celebrate your coup d’état of 22nd July 1994 misnomered revolution, I deem it fitting and timely to- once again- remind you of some of your innumerable promises which are yet to be fulfilled, In case you have forgotten, Due to your tight schedule, In spite […]


Jammeh Has Lost The Plot

The Gambian clever jack, President Yahya Jammeh, has mounted his high horse again chasing an elusive dream. President Jammeh has lately bubbles so much negative energy for the West that he unwittingly vents his unspent anger on Gambians to attract the attention of the West. Let us for a moment […]