An Open Letter To ECOWAS Leaders

Activities and Statements of HE Ellen Johnson Sirleaf Chairman of ECOWAS
President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf,


Dear Leaders,

Dear President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf,

In the same way the West African Head of States do not wish to have Yaya Jammeh head the organization is the same reason why Gambians do not want Yaya Jammeh as president of the Gambia anymore.

For 22 years your organization rejected Yaya Jammeh’s rights to head your organization for reasons known to the whole world amongst which, his uncivilized and arrogant language, his undiplomatic actions and his mental instability.

Dear leaders, can you imagine if Yaya Jammeh had the power to do in your respective countries what he is doing to Gambians, would you let him rule one more day?

Can you imagine if you were the subjects of Yaya Jammeh, would you take up arms to fight him out of power or would you continue to endure sham elections after elections where foreigners are invited to cast their votes for him?

Can you imagine if you were not allowed to speak your mind or assemble or demonstrate peacefully within the constitutional provisions to demand for electoral reforms and you get arrested, tortured and taken to court charged with rioting when not a chicken is killed or a shop vandalized, what would you do?

Can you imagine on top of all the above being insulted live on TV, threaten with death and genocide, what would you do?

What would you do if a leader of your political party were arrested along with 82 militants and denied bail since the 16th April and still counting?

What would you do if a whole tribe in your country is openly and publicly threaten with death simply because you belong to that tribe?

Dear Presidents, needless to wait for answers from you, we the Gambian people will answer these questions with the same intensity to that of Yaya Jammeh.

Yes we are not armed, we do not have military training but we have our will and determination to end the Jammeh menace that we patiently endured for 22 years as witness by the whole world. Whether there will thousands deaths for the ICC to intervene, whether there will be no infrastructure left to take in workers, or electricity and pipe water or bank and shop to purchase, Gambians have will have nothing to loose but Yaya Jammeh. Yes, rebuilding all destructions will permit us to construct new and more beautiful edifices, shops and banks and to live in a NEW Gambia, free and democratic than continue to mourn our untimely deaths, cry our detain leaders and wait for other threats to be executed.

Liberia, Sierra Leone or Burkina Faso era is looming in the air of the Gambia. Liberia and Sierra Leone had too many foreigners involve in their internal matters all the reasons why civil war was inevitable and the Gambia falls in this category as foreigners joined our armies, police and Intelligence units. Fortunately for Burkina Faso where only Burkinabe were involved, they were able to end the dictatorship within weeks whiles the national army compose of 100% Burkinabe stepped in to satisfy the people’s aspiration.

Or yet, shall we go the Rwanda way to solve the genocide threats against the biggest tribe in the Gambia?

Dear presidents, the same way you have enough of Yaya Jammeh not to head your organization, is the same way we the Gambian people have enough of Yaya Jammeh to be our president and even more for a just cause. We either remove Yaya Jammeh together or we will go it alone with all the consequences. ECOWAS has the unique opportunity to act historically pre-empt a disaster to the delight of the civilize world or be yet the usual observer of doom when all and sundry see it coming.

You do not want Yaya Jammeh to represent your organization, not in your name; we also do not want Yaya Jammeh to be our president anymore.

Deyday Haidara

Thank you for attention.

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