My Beef with a Political Virgin

It has never been my intention to respond to Attention Seekers and Political Virgins, especially at this time of our political struggle, considering the fact that we have very important issues to deal with. However, psychologists believe that if a lie is drummed up ten times without being called out and exposed as a lie it becomes the Ultimate Truth in the end. Therefore, I have no option but to give a fitting response to Yankuba Dampha who was formerly disguised as Maxi Jones. I cannot sit by and allow the likes of Yankuba to rain fallacious and calculated lies on my personality.

Yankuba, who is known for falsely accusing decent people over the years, has the audacity to accuse me of calling their newly formed group members Greedy People. He even labeled me as a Disgruntled Person without providing proof or evidence to his followers about why and how I have become a disgruntled person. He insulted me by describing me as a so-called NPP supporter. Yankuba also questioned why I supported one Kaw Yerro’s suggestion that all those who want to empower the NPP should go through the existing structures of the party. Yankuba said since Kaw Yerro was among the founding fathers of the 3 YEARS JOTNA movement he (Kaw Yerro) must not call himself an NPP supporter. He sounded as if he is mandated to choose who becomes the NPP member. Even President Barrow does not sound like Maxi Jones.

To set the records straight, I have never called anyone or a group of people greedy throughout my civil discourse. All those who follow me know it is never my character to label others. My only crime – there is any – is to agree with Kaw Yerro that all the groups that intend to empower the NPP need to work with the party’s existing structures so as to avoid duplication of efforts and fear of undermining each other. I support any lofty or progressive idea without minding the carrier. It is unwise for any party or group to bank on only ideas of its members. Only those bankrupt with wisdom, knowledge and experience think that way.

Yankuba Dampha has a legacy of rudely attacking many people and undermining decent and patriotic citizens. I have no reason to be disgruntled because I have got what I wanted in politics. I decided to support President Barrow who has been winning elections since 2016. I can proudly tell you that my candidate Adama Barrow won all elections in my Jarra Central constituency. The people of that region can attest to my efforts during election campaigns. I must tell you that unlike you, I have always been there for the Gambia and the Gambian people. I voluntarily resigned from the Gambia National Army to join politics and fight for the liberation of my people. You joined the struggle when your close relative – the late Mr. Dibba of the Gambia Transport Union – died in police custody. Your cowardly and selfish tendencies could not allow you to show your face hence your fictitious name MAXI JONES. WHAT A COWARD YOU ARE!
Yes, Kaw Yerro might be a member or founder of the 3 YEARS JOTNA but how many of the so-called 3 YEARS JOTNA members are enjoying the company of the NPP party and the government. Also remember that most of the people you worship today were die-heart APRC supporters, most of whom only joined the NPP for greener pastures. Most of you cannot be proud of winning votes for President Barrow in your constituencies during the past presidential elections. In fact, you were on record campaigning against President Barrow’s party. You defended supporting the PPP for being the party of your parents. You are the one known for being disgruntled and untruthful when it comes to party politics.

Please live your life and stop going after people who do not even bother your existence. As a highly cultured person, I have decided to apply some limitations because I heard you call some individuals in Nokunda as your uncles who happen to be my brothers. Out of disrespect which is a manifestation of your true character, you called me Jarra Boyo. Clearly, you know that some of your uncles and aunties are my age mates. Please let the sleeping dog lie in peace. I don’t want to be provoked into doing what is not my true character. MANDIKOLU KO WULU NUKUNTA KONTONG YA WANYARE.

Yaya Dampha, Sweden


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