8 Years Of Disappearance Without Trace

ML Sanyang, Nongo Mboob and Buba Sanyang!

By Fabakary B. Ceesay

They were comrades in politics and very good friends at all levels. April 4th, 2014, marks exactly eight years since their abduction and disappearance without trace. Little did the families and loved ones of Momodou Lamin Nyassi, Buba Sanyang and Ndongo Mboob know they would never set eyes on their family heads. The trio was arrested by the Gambia’s notorious National Intelligence Agency (NIA). The NIA agents led by one Momodou Lamin Tamba, then NIA officer commanding in Kanilai rounded up the trio. For eight years, the three families have been living in agony and uncertainty about the fate and whereabouts of their fathers, uncles and brothers.

The three Bwiam natives – Alagie Momodou Lamin Nyassi, the former Chief of Foni Kansala, Alagie Buba Sanyang (alias Bubai), the APRC District Mobiliser and Mr. Ndongo Mboob, District Youth Mobiliser – were arrested one after the other shortly after they dispersed from chatting at Sanyang Kunda. They were then whisked into a numberless four wheel drive car.

Bubai Sanyang was pick up at his home while performing ablution for Maghreb Prayer. He was told he was needed at Kanilai urgently and was only allowed to hand over his cell phone to one of his wives.

Former Chief Nyassi was taken at his compound gate.  Only few of his family members could know what was going on.

Ndongo Mboob was also picked up at his house, shortly after he arrived from Sanyang’s home and was prepare for Maghreb prayer.

The three friends were all driven in the same vehicle by NIA agents and sped towards Kanilai. That was the last time they were seen by their family members and loved ones. Despite leaving no stone unturned in their search, families of the Bwiam natives are yet to have any clue about the missing three. Ironically, the very government whose agents took them to God-knows-where had throughout remained tight-lipped on the case.