Nigeria Senators Fight Over Leadership

Is it not disheartening or sickening to see the newly elected politicians in a country bedevilled with terror fighting over leadership? That was exactly what the All People’s Progressive party members of President Muhammadu Buhari did at a Senate Caucus meeting in the National Assembly last week.

The tussle over leadership positions became so intense that some lawmakers were in near fisticuffs. The fight has been centered around who becomes the leader and which region the person hails from. It is not an irony for a huge coalition governing body like the APC to fight over Senate Majority Leader, Minority Leader, as well as the Chief Whip and Deputy Chief Whip.

Most people will be shocked about this ugly development, considering the gigantic task that lies ahead of lawmakers whose newly elected President has inherited an almost empty treasury while his subjects expect him to contain the epileptic power supply and defeat Boko Haram in toto. This is also a country where corruption eats into the social fabric, with public officials emptying national coffers.

Is the power struggle within the APC a sign that Nigerians on March 29th elected into office “a Do-nothing Senate?” Only time will tell whether Nigeria’s 8th Senate is loaded with a bunch of selfish buddies.

Take a look at the YouTube video coverage of the near fisticuffs by Channels Television in Nigeria and be the judge for yourself.


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