Gambia: Genie Is Out Of The Bottle

Gambian former minister turned activist has just posted a video on his YouTube channel with a fitting title. Energy-spirited Dr. Amadou Scattred Janneh titles the video “Genie is out of the bottle.” There cannot be any better title that depicts the content of the video more than Janneh’s title. Genie out of the bottle is an idiomatic expression. It means allowing something bad to happen which cannot then be halted. Genie is mentioned in old Arabian stories as a magic spirit that would do whatever the person who controlled it desired. Going by the open public protest in the Gambia, it is crystally clear to Yahya Jammeh and his thugs that the extrajudicial killing, persecution and detention of peaceful protesters resulted to a fast brewing revolution by a besieged people. People who have had their close relatives disappeared or killed but denied their constitutional right to cry openly. People who are denied economic space to do business to better their lives. People who live in constant threats of being framed for refusing to succumb to the government’a unreasonable demands. All you need is a little spark to let the genie out of the bottle in a country ruled by a dictator whose hands are soiled with innocent blood. The dice is cast that is why you see able-bodied youths protesting on the streets, demanding “Solo Sandeng’s body dead or alive.” Hunkering by drivers all means freedom is just next door waiting for Gambians. Historians will have something to write about the Gambia’s painful long walk to freedom when the dust settled. Sadly, so many gallant sons and daughters died before reaping the fruit of their labour. May their souls rest in Eternal Peace.


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  1. Our kanilai Bloodsucking-Locust is on sleepless nights, idol worshipping; contemplating whether to do a runner to Mauritania; or stay & pretentiously bigmouth continuously until it’s eternal demise subsequently…..

    Alhaji Diouf is the new ‘kanilai-genie’; let’s see how Diouf can do magic, if any, to save & sustain the kanilai Bloodsucker…

    The former Senegalese footballer is the latest kanilai KILLER-DEVIL invitee; to collect his share of the booty looted from our meagre State coffers; assuming in our Murderous DEVIL’s myopic head that Diouf’s invitation will change the Senegalese opinion…..

    No genies, neither idols can save the Murderous kanilai Pharaoh….

    Long live the Gambia…

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