Northern Ghana’s Funeral Dancers Part 2

By Ebrima Sillah

This is the second video of Northern Ghana’s funeral dancers who have come to pay their last respect to a renown hunter near the border with Burkina Faso.

Years before he died, the traditional hunter was completely blind for 15 years due to river blindness disease. This other dance, symbolizes victory in the battle field. But because there is no such inter tribal or ethnic wars nowadays, the war dance victory celebration is now substituted with glorifying hunters for their daring bravery and great hunting skills.

On screen explanation was provided by Mrs Lydia Ajono, a journalist of more than 20 years uninterrupted reporting experience with Ghana Broadcasting Corporation (GBC). Mrs Ajono now heads Radio Guruni which she found about five years ago in the Upper East Regional Capital of Bolgatanga in Northern Ghana.

This video and many others to come in series is part of an Investigative Journalism mission by Ebrima Sillah to Northern Ghana to find out why many people are getting blind in the rural communities in Northern Ghana.

The mission, funded by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, was supported by Africa Media Initiative’s Africa Story Challenge Competition.


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  1. Very good history and full of meaning…. keep it up.