Re: President-elect’s Most Important Appointment

Malick, you have raised very important points.

I wish to add the following:
1. Recruitment in the diaspora should target Gambians with hands on experience in the fields that they claim expertise in. Not only will the hiring organization benefit from their expertise but the learning curve is shortened.

  1. Gambians in the diaspora offer a unique perspective in the work environment in that they would possess the requisite experience to mold or transform nascent Gambian public corporations into thriving and self sustaining entities. Locals must not regard diaspora Gambians as the competition but rather the compliment Kanja in the bare Soup U Kanja.

  2. Local hiring for the incoming government must lay emphasis on competence, integrity and a track record of delivery at the leadership level. Hiring agencies must be able and willing to let go of fellows that are not worth their salt! Review the system of centralized hiring at the Public Service Commission (PSC) to fit the demands modern governance.

  3. Agencies that are either unwieldy or do not serve their purpose must be disbanded and folks let go! Yes, firings will yield a lot of tears but life must go on and thorny issues must be addressed as they wouldn’t go away by themselves. It will be unrealistic to attempt to redeploy folks that offer no value but filling a seat and draining government coffers. Merge government agencies in the interest of cost savings. e.g. Merge NARI with the Department of Agricultural Services. Disband PURA and the AMRC. Trim down NAWEC and privatize certain services at NAWEC and the GPA and GCAA to ensure competence and better accountability. Initiate an independent review or audit of all Area Councils to clean house, cut out graft and strengthen the mechanisms under which the councils operate. Bold policies are required here!

  4. Review guidelines on the constitution of boards of directors for public bodies, councils and corporations. Place a cap on the number of board members for each board and entrust a reputable body to appoint board members other than ministers and permanent secretaries.
    The emphasis must be on vetting, vetting, and vetting potential candidates! No roadside degrees, false claims of credentials or patronage if square pegs in round holes are to be avoided. Anyone with a tainted record in the PPP or APRC government must be passed up on appointments to key positions.

  5. There’s no shortage of competent young Gambians within the Gambia and the diaspora with the requisite credentials, experience, real life skills, the mindset and perspective to fill key openings in the new republic.



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