Gambian Dictator Showing Weapons

President Yahya Jammeh is at best using the national television to propagate his propaganda machinery. In this posted video, Mr. Jammeh, whose government at first wanted to downplay Tuesday’s attempted coup led by the former State Guard Commander, is now exhibiting a cache of weapons purported to have been seized from the insurgents.  Activist are denying the authenticity of the claims.


  1. My question is

    1. “How were these few insurgents able to carry all these weapons into Banjul????

    2. With all these weapons, how many casualities had the loyal forces suffered???

    3. What vehicle was used to transport the arms into state house???

    Time will tell!!!!!!!!!!!”!””

  2. He is a liar and complete idiot. Yaya is showing his own weapons and trying to justify his future actions. Next time, he will blown out just wait. Enough of oppressing Gambians.

  3. @ Gambia,,, those are the most fundamental questions, but anyway we failed, this is the worst case scenario.Jammeh must know that this is not over…Several lives will be lost but the end will justify the means..We salute our fallen heroes.. They will rest in peace..We will take it from where they left it.Yahya jammeh will not rule for more than 21yrs.Y’all better believe that… We are making preparations and this will take time because this time we will cut the head of the snake himself. We will not even wait for him to leave the country.