Fatou Jaw Manneh’s Speech At Oslo Freedom Forum



Maafanta Proprietor and Publisher spoke at a recent Freedom Forum  held in the Norwegian capital Oslo. Madam Fatou Jaw Manneh provided an account of her arrest, detention and subsequent prosecution by the Gambia’s dictatorial regime a few years ago. She explained the harrowing details of what happened to her while being detained and how a mercenary magistrate in the person of Buba Jawo presided over her case.  A very insightful narrative worth listening to! Click on and hear from the owner of the story.


  1. Lafia Touray la Manju

    This Nyancho girl always do us Gambians very proud in particular. This is what I would call tit for tat. Yahya Jammeh sat on television and insulted mandinkas. And what did he have in return?? A proud Gambian lady of Manden origin, in the person of Fatou Jaw Manneh, took to an international stage and called him “a punk president”. I am very happy today. Gambians are not having ghastly insults anymore.

    Manneh Kadang Jonkendeh Faala. Kuntu kuntu Ninmang; Londi Niimang; Hari Niimang; aaning Dalla Niimang

  2. Thank you Fatou. You made us all proud.