Gambia Faces Litmus Test

fatou-mannehBy Fatou Manneh United Kingdom

Like other democracies in the world, the Gambia too is bracing itself for another presidential election in December 2016. Ironically,  the country is at a crossroad. Presently, there are lots of controversies and contradictions about who should lead the people of this Great Nation to the Promised Land. This is indeed a litmus test but the people of the Gambia must be very decisive because their conditions get worse day in day out.
The whole speculation about 2016 elections is getting more and more interesting. There are consequences to be paid for every wrong step taken but there is a big impression that things will totally change during this year’s election season. In addition to the other opposition parties — PDOIS, PPP, GMC, NRP and GPDP — the nomination of the new UDP party flag bearer Adama Barrow is a good move for UDP party and the people, which I believe, will usher in with fresh and new ideas beside being influential. Also the coming of two new presidential candidates Mama Kandeh and Dr Isatou Touray makes it all the more interesting. Dr Isatou Touray is a big inspiration to the women of The Gambia for her courage and determination and I therefore salute her.

The country’s political situation is unleveled and Jammeh is at his best intimidating people. He is even trying to control what should be said in our households. He even tries to stop the communication between the people back home and those in the diaspora by blocking the use of other means of communication like what’s app, Viber, Skype and other apps but never mind Jammeh we have a solution for that. He can’t stop us. The UDP opposition leader and his executive members and fellow party members are being unlawfully to sent to prison for peacefully demonstrating against the unlawful murder of Solo Sadeng (Rest in Peace). With the other opposition party leaders, some are just inexperienced in politics, some former employees of dictator Jammeh, some already subdued by him and others paid to be his mouthpiece, doing his propaganda just to mislead the people. Just imagine an opposition party leader telling people to vote for either him or Jammeh during election campaigns. Where is all this heading to? We can’t let him win again, which is why we must all stand up to defeat him in whatever means available.

We all know the past elections were never conducted freely and fairly. People were brought in from Casamance to pose as Gambians with Gambian IDS and voter’s cards. They are being paid to vote for Yahya Jammeh. Another problem is the way the counting of the votes are carried out – another possible avenue where we get cheated. We must all put our heads together and find a solution to stop Yahya Jammeh from doing the above. Another biggest problem the opposition face is that most eligible youths don’t register to vote. We must encourage all the youths to acquire voter’s card and vote. Those who shy away from voting are indirectly putting Jammeh in power.

What is happening to every aspect of life in our societies, communities and the nation as a whole? There is no improvement neither is there any developments to improve the basi living conditions of the citizens. Other fundamental issues like education, youth empowerment, the rights and freedom of every citizen, the economic, social and spiritual aspect are all being tarnished, trampled and infringed upon by Jammeh.

Most importantly, I think we need to sensitise every citizen to understand their basic rights as citizens of The Gambia. How can we move forward if we have such a tyrant president who will do anything humanely possible to stop his fellow country men to prosper. He does this by pushing us down the drain besides clipping our wings to stop us from flying. The unemployment rate is at its highest and the Gambia’s domestic loan alone is estimated at over D25 billions. Where are we heading to? The prices of goods at the market have skyrocketed; a cup of sugar is now D10, a bag of rice D1500 while a cup of rice stands at D15. A mere permit to sell in the market within KMC costs D500 plus. The average Gambian family can no longer afford a three square meal per day. Rather some families eat twice while others just once or not at all yet there is little or no increase in the salaries of the civil servants. What an economic hardship! There is no employment for the youths, no laid down plans for the younger generation, no given opportunities for business ventures and investment since everything, including businesses — big or small, legal or illegal — are under the control of our tyrant dictator. Jammeh thinks he is the only good son of our country. He doesn’t want any other person’s name to be heard except him. He is a greedy and selfish leader who wants everything for himself.
Yaya Jammeh is a mad dog seared with rabies. He tries to corrupt and control everyone working for him. We have enough of his 22 years of brutal ruling. He has no compassion nor is a friend to anyone for him is hellbent on using people and dumping them. If he ever wins again, the state of every Gambian will be reduced to nothing. He will no longer hide his evil deeds of slaughtering people or making them disappear into thin air. He will jail anyone he dislikes. The Gambia will be in such a sorry state in which the repercussions and prices to pay will be so high that we will never be able to put an end to the calamity. May God forbid but the Gambia will be like a living hell for. For how long shall we be quiet and watch him do as he pleases in our very own country? We can stop him now before it gets to an uncontrollable state. Our strength lies in standing together regardless of our differences to fight to a chieve our common goal.

I therefore urge all the youths to register to vote and also those abroad if possible to go home to vote during elections. My other wish will be the introduction of postal votes to enable every Gambian to vote but alas our murderer, rapist, mad dog and a tyrant will never allow that since he will never have a single vote from the diaspora. Thus the people have to be very decisive but also having in mind that our common goal is the removal of Jammeh in power.



  1. I like your points but you built castles in the air little bit. A bag of rice is D1100 at most in most places.

    Gambians like Jammeh otherwise by now there is one opposition going head to head with him.

    Am tired to hearing all these junkyard information. December will come and go and Jammeh will still be president. Just watch.

    • That is yet no surprise as Gambia is the country with the most thickened hearts in Africa. Though it is a small country by population and boundaries, it has proven to be home to some of the most crooked and most greedy opportunists on earth. A few shameless liars and greedy opportunists are why Jammeh gets stucked.
      You @Malang must be one of those camouflaged thugs with heavy machine guns and rifles who rally along with Jammeh when he goes touring the country, psychologically telling Gambians, ”me president or everybody dead”. Holding the opinion that every individual is after his/her interest, forgetting the fact we are in a national debate, is a perfect proof that, to you, eloquence is a substitute for junkyard information.
      You will not be anywhere in the near future to be seen or even heard of. Most dictators are deaf, dumb and blind till they’ll get holed up like Gbagbo to end up subdueing to his captors saying,’C’EST FINI, C’EST FINI, C’EST FINI……’ that’s how FAMFs end up.

  2. Please what’re talking about? Me personally don’t understand what you trying to put across, maybe you should go back and read what you wrote . Remember that whatever you write make sure it make sense because people will read it and draw lines.

  3. Ms Manneh’s article isn’t lacking in any form. The message is clear. People like Malang are just in the habit of either castigating well-meaning contributions or dismissing other inputs as intellectual “off-the- wall”. So no one can satisfy their ego just like the insatiable egos of the people they are supporting and enabling in the Gambia.

    Good news is that people like Ms Manneh are mature and are not easily irritated or demeaned! Keep it up Ms Manneh.