Who Killed Gambia’s PIU Officers?

The driveby shooting of the Police Intervention Unit officers on duty last night has thrown the Gambia in a state of panic, fear and sadness. Many even disbelieve to be greeted with the tragic shooting of young police officers who provide security for everyone.

Two of the officers — Constable Pateh Jallow and Sang J Gomez were pronounced dead upon arrival at Ndemban Clinic while WPC Nancy Jallow who survived the shooting is nursing gunshot injuries. She is reported to be a critical condition.

From the look of things it is apparently clear that the coward act has been well cordinated. As smart as they are the criminals could not bury their trail during the dark shooting. Investigators have laid hands on the vehicle that was used to commit in one of the most peaceful countries in the world. The Gambia is a country where the essence of Peace is being preached everywhere.

This is a litmus test for the entire country. It is a crime that must not be repeated for any reason. The only way we can beef up the security of our country is to respect the laws of the land, remain civil in both action and talk and pass any signs of threat or violence.

As we join the families of the gallant police officers in mourning their fatal shooting, we pray that the officer in critical condition has a speedy recovery. As Gambians we have to understand that violence — for whatever reason — has no place in our country. We have to choose to either live in Peace or in Pieces.


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