Tamba’s Picture Speaks Volume

Lang-TombongAs the old saying goes, pictures speak louder than words. As such a picture adds flavour and meaning to a story. That is exactly manifested in the case of Lt. General Lang Tombong Tamba who is visibly seen old and unrecognisable as he left prison this morning. The question becomes how quickly he had grown beards is one’s imagination. This is a stark reminder of the painful life Gambian prisoners have to endure which is why no one should be locked without the due process 



  1. Suntou. for the befit of your readership, what’s the updated version of these two stories ??

    SOURCE (1) : Dictator Yahya Jammeh has included Amadou on the list of prisoners to be pardoned, Mr. Sannneh’s wife is among the families currently at the mile two prison awaiting to have their loved ones release from jail.

    SOURCE (2) : Despite the releases, other political opponents, journalists and prisoners of conscience remain detained, including the national treasurer of the opposition United Democratic Party, Amadou Sanneh, as well as party members Alhagie Sambou Fatty and Malang Fatty. The trio were convicted in December 2013 and are considered by Amnesty International to be prisoners of conscience.

    Finally , If i have chance to talk to Lang Tombong tonight, i want to tell him that It’s easier to forgive an enemy than to forgive a friend.

    • Thank you. Amadou Sanneh is still imprison. Sambou Fatty and Malang are also in jail. Jammeh only release his former allies on the political front with innocent families of 30 December coup attempt. No real political prisoner is freed.

  2. Lang Tombong Tamba blind royalty to Jammeh is lack of self worth and total disregard against the interest of Gambian people . It was reported by momodou sowe during an interview with faturadio that Lang and Bo badjie are still royal to Dictator Jammeh . It was reported that when Lang was released he first went to Amsombi Bojang to greet her and later went home . I think that was the worst slavery and self degradation he has ever done . I think Lang is a curse son who has not get any prayers from his parent . The same thing applied to ousman Badjie , the brother of ensa Badjie. These people will come back and oppress Gambians again . They never learn. From what I learn , there is a group of prisoners who are still royal to Dictator Jammeh . One of most dangerous thing affecting Gambian military is their total disregard against the interest of Gambians but complete support for Jammeh . Seeing Lang tombong in green dress meant that he is sending signal of blind royalty to JAmmeh and he will back to support him to oppress Gambians .

  3. Max, you are correct Lang Tombong doesnt really know President Jammeh is jealous of fame. Lang is a people person but he lacks self confidence. He will be beholden to Jammeh until Jammeh falls..Sad reality.

  4. Lafia Touray la Manju

    Amadou sanneh is a “FORO”. He will not apologise to jammeh for he has committed no wrong against him.