Gambia Police Terror Suspect Arrested

News is just emerging that the man who unleashed a terror attack on police intervention unit officers mounting checkpoint at Sukuta is apprended in Senegal.

It is confirmed that the suspect Ousainou Bojang reportedly confessed to his participation in the fatal shooting of police constables Pateh Jallow and Sang Gomez on Tuesday night. The destardly act also left a young police woman Nancy Jallow in critical condition.

Ousainou, who hails from Brufut in the Kombo North, has been apprehended in a Diouloulou in Southern Senegal’s Casamance province before being handed over to the police. His apprehension resulted after he entered a comound searching for a spiritualist to help him out. During conversation, compound residents confronted him, took photo and recorded conversation with him.

Efforts are reportedly being done to extradite Mr. Bojang to the Gambia. Gambian investigators are working hard to get to the bottom of a case that fill the air with shock, fear and sadness.


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