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Why Barrow Is Blamed For Every Wrong

Can’t We Chase The Fox First… I have come across a disingenuous newspaper article penned by the 2nd Vice President of Youth Wing of the United Democratic Party (UDP). In the said article, Mr. Hagi Suwaneh blamed President Adama Barrow for the recent flood caused by the torrential rains which affected […]


Gambia Mission Extends ‘Community Diplomacy’

The Gambia High Commission completed the second phase of its community outreach program dubbed Community Diplomacy on the 18th June 2022. The Mission had earlier interacted with the Gambia Islamic and Cultural Associations and a prominent community leader. The High Commission’s delegation meet the Gambia Christian Community of Birmingham and […]


Gambia UK Mission Awards Bikers

The Gambia High Commission in London today awarded a Certificate of Recognition to Mr Ebra Taal and Assan Saine for representing the Gambia at the biggest charity bike ride in the U.K covering over 150 miles, comprising 250,000 participants last week. Mr Taal and Mr Saine proudly flew the Gambian […]


African governments urged to stamp out witchcraft accusations against children

Six countries – Benin , Burkina Faso, Ethiopia, Ghana, Madagascar and Niger –reported instances of ritual infanticide. Eleven countries – Angola, Benin, Burkina Faso, Eswatini, Ethiopia, Ghana, Liberia, Madagascar, Rwanda and Zimbabwe – reported ritual attacks against children with disabilities. Five countries – Burundi, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Madagascar, […]


A Look At Extreme Tribal Sensitivity

An overly sensitive or should we say extremely sensitive society is susceptible to the trivialities of blowing almost every comment out of context. There is no gainsaying that The Gambia, like many other countries, is fast-moving towards the “left radical” on the political spectrum. Many Gambians are unconsciously embracing radical […]