ECOWAS Parliament Deadlock On Niger Miliary Action

Parliamentarians of the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) on Saturday deadlocked over the action that needed to be taken to address the Niger coup.

Some parliamentarians of ECOWAS were in favour of the regional bloc taking military action against the Niger junta. Other members were against any form that requires the use of force.

Twenty-two ECOWAS deputies took part in a virtual extra extraordinary meeting to discuss the political crisis in Niger Republic.

There was no agreement on dialogue and diplomacy either, which according to some experts, would lead to a breakthrough in Niger where coup leaders remain defiant to remain in office. Some deputies wanted the regional body to deter the rise of coup d’etats in a region with four military governments in office.

Meanwhile, the ECOWAS heads of state suspended their Saturday meeting to discuss deployment of troops in Niger Republic.


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