Why Gambia Police Detains Sabally

The former Gambian minister turned opposition firebrand has found himself in police net barely a week after he was elected the Campaign Manager of the United Democratic Party. Momodou Sabally succeeded Karafa Sonko at the party’s congress in Jan Jan Bureh.


On Wednesday December 21st, police confirmed the arrest and subsequent dettention of Mr. Sabally. His arrest, according to the police, was in connection to a “viral vidoe where he was braggingly talking to a small group of United Democratic Party supporters saying how they will remove President Adama Baroow from power before the local government elections” scheduled early next year.


Nor soon had the viral video became public than the government’s confirmation of arresting and detaining some disgruntled soldiers planning to overthrow the democratically elected government of Adama Barrow. Four of alleged coup plotters have since been arrested and detained by the Military Police.


The man dubbed the Gambian Pen is being detained at Kairaba Police Station, with the police appealing to the general public “to remain calm and allow the police to do their job without any interference.”



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