Salif Sadio Returns To Rebel Base

The leader of the rebel Movement of Democratic Forces of Casamance (MFDC) is reported to have returned to the bushes of southern Senegal bush.

Salif Sadio fled from his base when the Senegalese army in March this year launched a sweeping military operation aimed at eliminating the more than four decades of separatist rebelion in Senegal’s food basket region. Mr. Sadio was confirmed to have fled his Casamance base on a motor bicycle to Mali. Confirmed sources ascertained that the rebel leader who had been in hiding sneaked his way through the Gambia.

After months in hiding, Salif Sadio decided to return to the southern Senegal bush through the porous Gambian border. “I can confirm that Salifu Sadio has returned to the bush,” a senior Gambian police officer said. “His return to the rebel base will open doors for a renewed security threat to both the Gambia and Senegal. The Gambia government must not relax on mounting frequent security checkpoints,” said our source. “Both the military and undercover police should mount constant patrols,” he said, calling on the Senegalese army to continue their vigilance around the rebel bases in Casamance to avoid Salifu Sarjo from regrouping the rebel fighters.


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