Dopamine Detox: It I’ll Change Your Life

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Dopamine detox: It will change your life

If you can’t read even for 5 minutes or study and think you have a distraction this post for you.

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If you clicked this writing it is possible that you can’t focus now on things you used to do easily. You may not be able to read a book for a few minutes without getting bored. You may also think that you have a distraction. But if you can spend hours on social media and video games without being distracted, your dopamine hormone may be damaged.

Dopamine is an important hormone secreted by the brain. Secreted when we reach something. It can be a small thing like drinking water, or something important like getting accepted from the university we want. Of course there is difference between different situations. It is secreted in different sizes for different events.

When we start studying, the hormone dopamine is secreted at first, but this decreases over time after a while. But social media algorithms are constantly creating new content, making us feel good all the time. We are breaking this system by spending too much time on social media. When we don’t get an award right away, we can’t go on anymore, and we go into a cycle by going to social platforms that will give us rewards.

To understand the hormone dopamine, an experiment was conducted on mice. A system has been established that helps mice release dopamine when they press. When the mice discovered this button, they forgot about eating, drinking water and sexuality and started to press this button. Don’t you think this is similar to someone who plays games for 10–15 hours or spends hours on Instagram?

When we cause our brain to release so much dopamine, the brain tries to balance it in 2 ways:

1-Decreases dopamine production

2- Dopamine cannot reach its target.

When we are exposed to too many instant pleasures, it is no longer enough. We always want more and different. Just like drugs and alcohol. Initially, a beer will get you drunk, after a while that number may be 3–4.

There is always something new on social media. These platforms are constantly being updated to keep our interest alive. When we get carried away, we are no longer able to read a single page of a book.

I am experiencing the same thing. I used to be able to finish a book in a day or work longer hours without being distracted. But right now, I spend too much time on Instagram. I spend almost 2 hours on social media every day. I know this needs to change. I want to get more out of my life. This is one of the reasons why I started the 50-day challenge.

I have compiled three different methods recommended for those who have dopamine problems. Here are these recommendations:

1.One-day dopamine detox

The first option is about getting away from everything that gives you pleasure for a day. Social media, gaming, music, junk food, fast food, smoking, alcohol, having fun with your friends. Get away from it all for a day.

Some may seem pointless to you, like hanging out with friends or listening to music. However, our minds have been polluted for a long time. We can be refreshed by getting away from everything that gives us pleasure for one day.

  1. One week dopamine detox by selecting

This option is done by choosing some of that we need to get away from. You can choose one or more between social media, gaming, music, junk food, fast food, smoking, alcohol, having fun with your friends. For example you can try not using instagram and twitter for a week. This is a tactic I use from time to time.

3.One week all together

It’s about making a one day solid detox a week. This program is the hardest. So if you want to start dopamine detox I recommend first or second options. You can push yourself with time.

While you’re doing dopamine detox, you can go for a walk, you can read, and if you’re religious you can take your time to pray. There are a lot of other options. The one thing certain is if you want to succeed in your life you have to get away from things that give immediate pleasure. Success is the priceless pleasure that comes after long hard work.

In the end, This is my seventh day for the 50-day challenge. I keep working to achieve my goals. For now, everything is fine. I will tick one more goal after I publish my article.

Thank you so much for taking the time to read my post. If you want to support me on this journey, you can follow me.



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