New SIC Leader Prioritises Unity

The newly elected President of the Supreme Islamic Council wants to establish unity among Gambian Muslims. The election of Sheikh Essa Foday Darboe on Sunday at a two-day congress comes at a time of intense polarisation among Muslims in the Gambia.

“It’s a big pleasure for me to run the council with my team,” SIC President said in a victory speech delivered in Arabic and English. “Thank you very much for that. We know that the candidates are one body. Just because we have different intention, that’s why we have three candidates based on the nominations of the people and they all think that the person that they think can run the council is the person that they nominated.

“But that doesn’t mean that we are opposition (antagonists), that doesn’t mean that we are of different views. So Alhamdoullilah we are one, we have one vision, that is to work for the sake of Allah and to unify Muslims of this country. I thank the Almighty Allah and InshaAllah we will do our able best to establish unity as the principles of Supreme Islamic Council.”

Sheikh Essa Darboe — the head of Tadamun Islamic Institute and Amaana — replaces Sheikh Muhammed Lamin Touray. Both leaders hailed from Gunjur in Kombo South.


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