As BLM Protests Continue, Campaigners Push For US Accountability At UN

By Abdoulie John

A group of countries succeeded Wednesday in putting the spotlight on systematic racism and police brutality in the United States as a debate on the issue was held at United Nations. But they are still struggling to secure the needed support that would be translated into a resolution calling out the American government.

“Burkina Faso, Germany, and Netherlands are key countries blocking this,” Mike Baillie, Avaaz Senior Campaigner, said in a statement seen by this medium.

The US-based 60 million-person global campaign network has been making waves since its inception in 2007. As Black Lives Matter (BLM) protests continue to gain momentum across US and around the globe, Avaaz is making big push for UN to pass a resolution demanding US accountability on violences meted on Blacks and Browns.

Weighing in on the opportunity provided by UN, Senior Avaazer Baillie further stated that countries could order the setting up of an independent commission of inquiry that would be tasked with the responsibility to investigate police brutality in the US.

Echoing concerns raised by UN insiders, Avaaz Senior campaigner revealed that massive efforts are being made by Trump administration to “pressure countries to take the spotlight off the US.”

Far more disturbing, Bailie deplored the fact that Australia and European countries have succumbed to US pressure, and are now bracing up to endorse what he described as a “watered down resolution.”

According to Avaaz senior campaigner, 54 African countries, and over 660 civil society groups from 66 countries have decided to throw their weight behind families of victims of police brutality in the United States.

As the quest for justice is increasingly being amplified, hopes are high that UN will pass a resolution holding US authorities responsible for the ongoing police killings…


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