Kids and Money, Learn, Practice, and Apply 7 Powerful Money Lessons

Having garnered many years of experience and knowledge in the financial industry, Mr. Kemo Barrow thought it was about time to write a book.

Mr. Barrow, a Gambian based in Atlanta in the United States, co-authored the book with Mr. Rossman Nya. Titled Kids and Money, Learn, Practice, and Apply 7 Powerful Money Lessons, was the result of years of hard work. It was borne out of Mr. Barrow’s philosophy that “acquiring knowledge about money is critical to personal development and success.”

Before venturing into such an ambitious project, Kemo Barrow had anchored Financial Empowerment program on Kairo Radio. Mr. Barrow had also dedicated significant amount of his time, resources and energy to teaching kids about financial literacy. His goal is to “prepare his students to become not just future millionaires but responsible people who make smart decisions with their money. All I want is to share my knowledge and years of experience with money and financial industry with children any where in the world,” Mr. Barrow tells Kairo News. “I want our children to learn and understand money even before they begin to earn. In that buying a copy for each of your children at $9 only is a great investment.”

Barrow wants families to create weekly hour meetings to discuss about their finances. “Number one potential cause of problems in almost every household has connection with finance. Unless we open discussion on how much we earn, spend, invest or save we will continue to be at loggerheads which is not healthy,” he warns.

“This has been a project in the making since 2016 when the book’s materials were taught to a dozen and half children aged between 7 and 18. A project whose seeds were sown in Detroit, Michigan, is now available to children globally.”

Rossman Nya was born in Cameroon, lived in Brugge, Belgium. He presently lives in Detroit, Michigan. Rossman has been a foreign language and financial literacy teacher in Detroit and Metropolitan. Although a jurist, Rossman has been consistently committed to helping teens grow up with the skills necessary to become financially independent and successful.

Like Mr. Barrow, Rossman too taught teens useful financial tools, the importance of acquiring early financial knowledge including but not limited to earning income, intelligent spending and early savings. He said “my desire that every teen should succeed financially in life coupled with Mr. Mr. Barrow’s rich financial background, motivated us to write this book.”

Kairo News editors are more than excited about the richness of the book’s content. “We will be ordering copies of this Great Masterpiece and expect our readers to support the authors by getting copies from Amazon on the link below:

Kairo News had a sneak peek of this fantastic book. “I’m fascinated with the quality of information in it. It’s a must-read. I’m honoured to introduce our readers to Kids and Money, Learn, Practice, and Apply 7 Powerful Lessons,” says Kairo News Editor Musa Saidykhan.

Copies are available in both Kindle and Paperback. Authors will be available to address questions parents and kids might have about the book.


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