NCAC, Others Signed MoU To Promote Culture Through Poetry

National Council for Arts and Culture (NCAC) has signed Memorandum of Understanding with Fatima’s Entertainment and V. Jay Theatre Productions to promote cultural tourism through poetry, storytelling, documentaries and related activities.

Within the framework of developing our cultural tourism in line with the MOU, the two organisations shall strive to promote creativity and originality with emphasis on the local beneficiaries, as means of encouraging Gambians, and Africans in general to stay back home, and develop their Motherland instead of risking their lives through irregular migration to Europe for greener pastures. This is conceived because the Founder of V. Jay Theatre Productions felt bad about seeing young Africans risking their lives through the back way to Europe, and therefore initiating program to encourage Africans to stay back home and develop their motherland by engaging in meaningful development activities.

The two organisations shall in line with the MOU collaborate very closely in the promotion of Gambian artistes and cultural associations, especially in the areas of promotion of Performing Arts, Cultural Education through Poetry trilogies, storytelling and Film/Documentaries; organising’s Cultural promotional activities, targeting students and artists, the local communities; organize institutional Capacity Building and training in collaboration with the NCAC, Schools and Gambian Artists; and conduct cultural exchange between Caribbean descendants and their Gambian counterparts;

The two organisations shall explore the interactive exchange of West African traditions and African –Caribbean culture; support each other’s effort in drive to entrench and maintain a strong cultural exchange between The Gambia and artistes from other parts of the world, but especially African-Caribbean artists, by sharing common values through Poetry, storytelling- and to further sell  ideals of the Poetry Trilogy- ‘Streets Paved with Gold’; share relevant information to improve the technical capacity and skills of both institutions in the protection and preservation of The Gambia’s rich, musical and cultural heritage.

The two organisations also commits to collaborate to strive to use the Poetry Trilogy entitle: Streets Pave with Gold’, which is also in a talking book format on CD,   in Gambian Schools Curriculums, to educate students about the values of our culture and how to benefit from our culture;

The use of Poetry as vehicle to all Artists to express their feelings and emotions about life, through storytelling, Poetry, spoken words and film/documentaries, using ‘Streets Pave with Gold’ as model, in educational approaches is also conceived in the MOU.

The two organisations also commit to collaborate to raise the required funds for the effective implementation of the listed activities.

The MOU dated 23 December 2019  was signed by Mr Hassoum Ceesay – NCAC Director General, Mr Victor Richards- Founder- V. Jay Theatre Production (S) Leicester – UK, and National Partners: Mr. Madi S. Njie and Ms Fatoumata Bah.

For further details about V. Jay Theatre Productions contact Mr Victor Richards, Leicester, United Kingdom.



Contact: +44 77 86 68 53 232

National Contact Numbers: (+220) 31 45 871 /  700 67 11

Below are links to some of Mr Richards Work:                                     

Written by Mr. Madi S. Njie- V. Jay Theatre Productions Consultant


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