MPs Should Enlighten Confused Minds

By Abdoulie John

The People’s Democratic Organisation for Independence and Socialism (PDOIS) National Assembly member has reminded lawmakers of the crucial role they play in promoting enlightenment, not obscurantism. Hon. Sidia Jatta said one of the roles of parliamentarians is to enlighten confused minds.

Hon.he veteran Wuli West legislator, recently made this remark during the Adjournment Debate as tempers flared over the call made by Jotna movement for the Gambian leader to step down after the three-year agreement period.

Since the Three Jotna movement took to the streets en masse, the tiny West African nation seems to be increasingly being polarized. Supporters of the 5-year constitutional mandate are alse bracing up for a counter-demonstration in mid-January 2020.

“When people are confused outside, they must be enlightened here,” Hon. Jatta told deputies, in an attempt to assert the core democratic values upon which our society depends on.

The outspoken PDOIS MP said lawmakers would be failing Gambians if they are bent on increasing the confusion prevailing outside.

“The responsibility we have on our shoulders is heavy,” he voiced out in unequivocal terms. “This nation lies on our shoulders.”

Jatta, who is well known for his principled stand, made it clear that partisanship does not help in the National Assembly. He urged his colleagues to hold up fuelling rivalry until they are back to the political arena.

“Wait until you get to the political field!” he exclaimed. “Here, we are talking about The Gambia.”

Taking the gloves off, Hon Sidia Jatta emphasized the need for parliamentarians to do their utmost best in order to live up to expectations as they should maintain a sense of urgency when dealing with issues surrounding education, health, agriculture etc.

“The debate is not about three years or five years. Who cares about that? Let’s not be hypocritical about things. It was dead since 2017. Nobody talked about it when it was killed,” he said, lashing out at those who are busy planting the “seeds of confusion” in the minds of Gambians.

“When it was being assassinated, they were clapping. And when things went another way round, they were crying”.


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