Gambia Lost An Icon, True Patriot

The Gambia has lost a legendary media icon and patriot. Alhagie Sarjo Barrow has answered to the call of Allah exactly a fortnight after news of his death broke out. Mr. Barrow himself rubbished news of his death. His Sunday’s death threw the country into mourning. Many people were shocked to the bone.

Barrow, who hailed from Niamina Kudang in the Central River Region, had served his country and her people for four decades, relaying, dissecting and translating news into Mandinka language. The passionate national radio and television broadcaster championed religious, historical and cultural programmes on Gambia Radio and Television Services (GRTS). Barrow anchored the widely loved history of Manden and Cheikhna Cheikh Mahfouz Aidara, the late Caliph of Sheriff Caliphate of Dar Salam. The four-month historical naration by the late Jali Alhagie Mbye galvanised Sheriff descendants to offer annual day of prayers for The Gambia.

Alhagie Sarjo Barrow was endowed with not only a natural reverberating broadcasting voice but also unique command of the Mandinka language. His mastery of news dramatisation is unrivaled. The late Barrow had added value and meaning to news localisation in the country. Through him, unlettered ordinary persons in the country and beyond understand news and current affairs. Barrow’s flagship Jamano and Duniyaa fele Kibaaro programmes on GRTS and Star FM/TV, respectively, had become popular.

Alhagie Sarjo Barrow would be remembered for defiantly executing his job in the face of threats on his life. Even former dictator Yahya Jammeh’s public mockery and threats would move Barrow an inch. He was ready to die in serving his people until his last breath. He was a True Patriot who had left behind a huge vacuum.

“I met him last year during the tribute program to late Jali Mbye at the GRTS studios,” Alhagie Suntou Touray, Social and Cultural Editor of Kairo Radio, recalled. “Barrow is a highly cultural and very humble man who is well read in literature, history and current affairs. A library has gone.”

Mr. Barrow had left behind huge resources that younger generation of Gambians into to understand their culture, history and society. People from all walks of life have learnt from the late Barrow. They pray for his soul to rest in Eternal Peace.

Kairo News and Radio extend heartfelt condolences to the family and colleagues at Star FM and GRTS. “Alhagie Sarjo Barrow was a True Icon whose commitment to serve humanity was unquestionable,” Kairo management concurred. “Barrow is an embodiment of a selfless Patriot. His good deeds would follow him.”


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