The Video That Defines True Jammeh

President Yahya Jammeh is caught red-handed exercising his dictatorial tendency in a secret video. Gambian President barks at members of combined security members of Operation The leader who digs his finger into everything Gambian is heard barking ‘Stand at ease, attention’. The video, obtained by Kairo News, gives an insight of how Mr. Jammeh deals with security officers who are left at his mercy. His acts of brutality – in words and actions – remind security officers the price of not being loyal to the delusional leader.

Drawn from different security units, the Bulldozer team is Mr. Jammeh’s handpicked team tasked with getting dirty on Gambians, including security officers. The president vets, monitors and scrutinises the efficiency of the cross-breed unit which reports directly to Jammeh. These bulldozers are so important to him that they receive instructions from him.

The leader who orders, directs and supervises tortures and killings usually had sessions with the chosen officers in secret. He is hellbent on maintaining power at all costs, which is why he is trying hard to instill fear among Gambians. All Gambians need is a leader who will not seize their freedom and rights. More than 20 years of Jammeh dictatorship has turned the Gambia into North Korea of Africa. It is no longer an oasis of freedom, democracy and the rule of law.


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  1. Dictator Jammeh is a terrorist and we must put bounty on his head . He is wanted dead or alive .