What UDP And Jotna Movement Have In Common

By Abdoulie John

A United Democratic Party (UDP) stalwart has cleared air over alleged communication vessels reportedly existing between his political party and Three Years Jotna movement.

“The UDP’s official position is for Barrow to honour the three-year agreement he had with everybody. What is Three Years Jotna’s position? It is for Barrow to relinquish power after the end of the transition period,” Yankuba Darboe told this medium, in an attempt to draw a parallel between the two entities.

Since the inception of the Jotna movement, a good number of critics have been accusing the initiators of the interest group of being remote-controlled by the UDP leadership. Last Monday’s demonstration witnessed the participation of many UDP elected officials, supporters and militants. Most of these people were spotted on the frontline as demonstrators marched between Sting Corner and Denton Bridge.

Yankuba Darboe, who flew from the United Kingdom purposely to participate in the demonstration, said his party (UDP) and the Jotna movement both agree that Adama Barrow should honour the agreement he had with the Gambian people.

“That is the only thing we want,” Mr. Darboe said. He accused the Barrow government of doing everything it could to stifle dissent. Darboe decried the decision taken by Gambian authorities to grant them permit to demonstrate in the bush. “This is their democracy,” he deplored. “We want the international community to take note of this.”


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