Re: Statement On the UDP Leader’s Renegation On Support For the Five-year Mandate of the President

RE: Statement On the UDP Leader’s Renegation On Support For the Five-year Mandate of the President

State House
For immediate release

I learn with great dismay reports that the leader of the United Democratic Party, Lawyer Ousainou Darboe has reneged on his principled position of support for the five-year constitutional mandate of President Adama Barrow. Just as it is disappointing, the decision is meaningless and cannot stand even the slightest constitutional scrutiny and rigors.

As far as we are concerned, President Adama Barrow was duly elected and mandated by the
Gambian people to serve for a period of five years based on the 1997 Constitution, which is the
supreme law of the land.

We recognized the 2016 Coalition agreement as a legitimate friendly agreement; however, where
it comes in conflict with the law, the supremacy of the law takes precedence. Therefore, we are
calling on all and sundry, particularly genuine politicians to do the right thing and stand in
support of the constitution of the country.

Saihou Mballow
The President’s Deputy Adviser on Youth Matters



  1. Salifu Jobe

    Barrow said 3 years and then changed his mind, then Darboe took centre stage because he was then VP and said he was going to take any one challenging the 5 years mandate to court, then changed his mind. Now he is calling on Barrow to be faithful to his words, should n’t he too be faithful to his words?
    The unexpected shift of position by Darboe shortly after his overseas tour indicates among other things that he is just dancing to the tune of the diaspora.

    • Let’s just hope that Lawyer Darboe will fulfill his own promise by taking the UDP and the 3-years Jotna to court.

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