Gambia Refuses Deported Asylum Seeker

The Gambia immigration officers at the Banjul International Airport on Monday refused to accept an undocumented failed asylum seeker deported from Sweden’s Malmo city.

After having reportedly exhausted the asylum process, Swedish police escorted the man they believed to be a Gambian for deportation to the West African country.

However, the said deportee had no document to prove his Gambian citizenship. Despite lacking proofs, Swedish police bundled the unnamed man on board Air Serbina to Banjul. Upon arrival at the Banjul International Airport around 1700 hours, Swedish escort police wanted the said deportee to present himself to Gambian immigration police. The undocumented young man refused to present himself, let alone be accepted as a Gambian.

Gambian immigration officers also refused to accept the undocumented deportee, insisting that Swedish police must produce proofs of the young man’s Gambian citizenship. Escorting Swedish police officers could not produce any proofs, prompting Gambian police to order them to leave their shores with the undocumented deportee within two hours or risk being arrested.

Swedish police officers evaded arrest by returning with the deported undocumented immigrant to Malmo on board Air Serbina flight.

Many people hailed Gambian border police for their boldness to stand up against Europeans for using their country as dumping ground for undocumented deported immigrants. Sweden has over 80,000 illegal immigrants line up for deportation.


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