Coalition Partners Extend Barrow’s Mandate

TambajangPresident Adama Barrow’s Coalition 2016 partners on Friday agreed to extend his mandate from three to five years.

The Chairperson of the Coalition that defeated Dictator Yahya Jammeh Fatoumata Jallow-Tambajang made the announcement after she had led a delegation to State House. Madam Jallow-Tambajang concurred that the Coalition’s development program, especially its reform agenda, cannot be fully implemented in less than five years.

“On the basis of the incompletion of the reforms agenda, we, as a coalition, have decided to extend his [referring to President Barrow] social legitimacy from three (3) years to five (5) years,” Chairperson Jallow Tambajang told State House press. She said the Coalition’s decision followed two years of consultations with all stakeholders both home and abroad and that it was never solicited by President Barrow. It was rather borne out of the realization that it defeats logic and reason to abandon the ongoing reforms halfway and call for a new election.

“That is why I said today is historic. This is something the whole world should hear. His Excellency did not ask for it. The Coalition is standing for the country and will continue standing for the country. We will continue to champion the cause of the country. That is why we thought it prudent to come and discuss and assess the journey so far,” she said, adding that Coalition stakeholders will amend the agreement so it aligns with the Friday meeting.

“The MoU is important. But the fundamentals are the agreements signed by all parties, which entail the reform agenda. If that reform agenda is incomplete, and considering the state in which we took government, we cannot leave that half-way and ask for elections or find another president. That is not rational. It is not logical.”

The Chairperson of the Coalition 2016 and one time Vice President, Mrs. Fatoumatta Jallow-Tambajang told the media that their mission to the Presidency was meant to discuss with their flag bearer, President Adama Barrow on how they can strengthen the coalition body as an institution in order to support the government. She said their plans include setting up a fully-fledged secretariat and embarking on a national dialogue with the public on the way forward. Madam Jallow-Tambajang hailed President Barrow for showing interest, respect and recognition for the Coalition.



  1. I always wonders, when will Gambian politicians grow-p and turn away from childish behavior and immature politicking?

    • Gambian, it’s because in the Gambia, when you condemn corruption and public office abuse of a government/administration, you’ll still have that lot who in the blues, got you on the record with a Mr. Ceesay so so so, for being or having so so so, in blues.
      Should simply holding the opinion that; [ public reps. who got bribe and got muted, cannot be any brilliant than the one who got bribed and confessed, even if none of them resigned] – make one a shareholder in public office abuse??
      It’s our thought processes that are not ready for a grow-up and nothing else. Insha Allah, it will all get better.

      • It will start getting better when the likes of the Mr Ceesay and his disciples are exposed. If a politician can confess to accepting bribes and have the audacity to come out and say that he hill accept the bribes again if presented, then we cannot expect positive change anytime soon.

  2. No Gambian! Let’s just let the shameless corrupt stitched lips, including Mr. Whoever Ceesay stick around. That will make things better. We don’t have much to fret about when it comes to the Gambia. After all, Edward Signateh at the TRRC tells a lot about Gambians. He is a creepy, remorseless, tight-lipped and cold blooded killer let loose to be awarded a degree by authorities. The tiny country is full of crooks and they don’t seem to be going any time soon. Another axe has started wielding!

  3. Well, they can stick around for as long as they want but the fact of the matter is they will one day be accounted for their actions. It can be the Mr Ceesay Type (those who will accept bribes and brag about it) or the Edward Type, the cool-blooded murderers who will deny ever obstructing an ant in its daily chores not to talk of hurting it.