Swim for Life Season Three due to start in August 

Dear Sir/Madam,

An estimated 211 lives were lost through drowning between 2006-2019 while 126 were rescued by the lifeguards between within the same period. This means approximately 16 lives are lost per annum.

It is worth noting that majority of these drown related cases were young people between the ages eight and sixteen (8-16). These numbers were recorded by the Red Dolphins Life Guard Association of The Gambia.

Because the numbers are scary, Swim for Life-Gambia in collaboration with the Red Dolphins and Life Guard Association of The Gambia and the Joint Officer Mess of the Gambia Armed Forces commissioned a month-long swimming project dubbed ‘Eliminate Drowning Through Effective Swimming Training’ beginning Friday, August 23, 2019.

This project (third edition) aims to train 30 children on how to swim in the summer when most of the kids frequent the sea and swimming pools.

The project also aims to develop would-be professional swimmers for major competitions to come hence the phrase, “Catch Them Young.”

We hereby, request invitations to your sports programmes to help call for interested persons to collect the registration form as the day draws nearer.

While looking forward to your swift response,

I remain, Sincerely yours,

Sang Mendy
Secretary General


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