Barrow Hopes Gambians Learn Lessons From Janneh Commission

His Excellency, President Adama Barrow was on Friday presented with the report of the much awaited findings of the Janneh Commission set up to probe into the financial dealings of the Ex-President Jammeh, at the State House in Banjul.

President Barrow in his address hailed the commissioners for the accomplishment of the task assigned to them. He said the setting up of the commission is a signpost and an integral aspect of the reform process and target to consolidate good governance in the new democratic dispensation. He expressed optimism that the report will provide a useful recommendation on how the country can avoid repeating the wrongs that resulted in the commission.

He stated that the finding will promote accountability, transparency, and protection of public property and the nation’s wealth, as well as instill financial discipline among public servants and within our institutions, through the implementation of the right policies.

President Barrow concluded by urging the Ministry of justice to make reviewing of the report a priority so that appropriate action can be taken without fear or favour.

The 1600 pages report, divided into nine volumes contains former president Jammeh’s financial activities ranging from a complex web of intricate and sophisticated international financial transactions that bear all the hallmarks of criminality and money laundering aided by his close associates.



  1. He should pose that question to himself! Soon he will be insulting us with all kind of adjectives. Abject failure pretending to be commanding respect.

  2. Now that he has sacked his grumpy VP and tricky Trade Minister, he is well positioned to lead the country to prosperity.