Over 5 Million Lack Access To Justice

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WJP Forum VI targets “Realising Justice for All”

By Madi S. Njie

This year, the World Justice Forum VI will be convened on a theme of “Realizing Justice for All, at the World Justice Forum VI, to be held April 29 – May 2, 2019 in The Hague, Netherlands.

“Research indicates that more than five billion people around the globe lack access to justice for solving everyday problems,” stated Elizabeth Andersen Executive Director – World Justice Project in a letter to invited Forum delegates.

“This significant ‘justice gap’ affects both developed and developing countries, undermining inclusive economic development, exacerbating inequality, and eroding trust in institutions. The Forum will gather up to 1,000 global leaders from diverse disciplines, professions, and perspectives to address this challenge and broaden and strengthen the movement for the rule of law,” Andersen stated.

She asserted that the four-day program will highlight key research findings on the relationship between justice and a range of development issues including public health, the environment, and inequality; showcase innovative solutions to bridge the gap; foster multi-sectoral collaboration to expand access to justice; and garner commitments from diverse stakeholders to advance the justice agenda. As a meeting place for governmental and non-governmental actors, private sector leaders, and the donor community, the Forum will address the principal challenges to delivering justice and provide space for advancing concrete solutions.

“We intend for the outcomes of World Justice Forum VI to feed directly into the UN High Level Political Forum on Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) 16 in July and the UN Summit on the SDGs in September,” Andersen pointed out.

The WJP ED further added that the World Justice Forum Expo, a space to present innovative and original content on the rule of law, governance, and development, will be among the Forum’s highlights.

The Forum is sponsored by …. The Rule of Law,…., Open Society Justice Initiative, OECD, and Pathfinders

More information on the Expo is available on:

Organizers can also be reached for any questions via the email: forum@worldjusticeproject.org


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