Police Chief Raises Red Flag

The Gambia’s Police chief has raised red flag, warning the general public that protest without a permit contravenes the principles of democracy and that his office will ensure that peace and tranquility of the nation is not compromised.

The Police chief’s statement is contained in a press release issued by his Spokesman.

The office of the Inspector General of Police is aware of an audio circulating on social media about an intent to demonstrate without a permit which contravenes the principles of democracy.

Read the statement below:

Therefore its important to note that under section 178 of the 1997 constitution, the Police Force is responsible to preserve, protect and maintain public peace.

There is no where in the world where a person or group of persons occupy the streets without the consent of the relevant authorities whose presence will be to protect lives and properties of everyone.

The  public is hereby reminded that the Office of the Inspector General will use all means reasonable to ensure that the peace and tranquility of this country will never be compromised in all its forms.

Furthermore, those who may want to protest or demonstrate should ensure that they comply with the law in order to be protected by the law.

In as much as being in a democratic society one has the right to the enjoyment of fundamental human rights, but of course such rights goes with certain responsibilities.

The office of the Inspector General therefore solicits the cooperation and  understanding of all persons residing in the Gambia as with peace everything is possible. Therefore its everyone’s responsibility to guard jealously the Peace and tranquillity that the Gambia is known for ever since.





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