‘Gambia Will Never Get Jammeh’s Type’

One of The Gambia’s most reverred religious scholars on Saturday landed safely at the Banjul International Airport, assuring Gambians that by Allah’s will the West African nation will never be led by Yahya Jammeh’s type.

Imam Momodou Ceesay had immediately prostrated, praised and thanked Allah after stepping his foot on the soil of a Gambia freed from Jammeh’s dictatorship clutches. “I prostrate, praised and thanked Allah for freeing Gambians,” Imam Ceesay told a large gathering of welcomers at the airport.

The Chief Imam of Detroit’s Muslim Center was very instrumental in awakening the consciousness of Gambians about the need to surrender to Allah, stand their ground and uproot the Jammeh dictatorship. His special sermons and programs on Kairo Radio likening Jammeh to Pharoah of Egypt helped Gambians to dissect and understand the nature and effect of a government that had fed on the blood of its innocent citizens.

“Everyone knows this country had been gripped by decades of brutality. Gambians had a leader who squandered their resources, tortured, exiled and killed citizens at will. As a result, majority of the youths fled the country and endangered their lives at sea. Imagine the countless pain, troubles and unpleasant issues pregnant women go through only for their children to be crushed to death by a government whose leader swore to protect them. Yahya Jammeh was destroying the fingers that fed and provided him fancy lifestyle. He flew with expensive planes as well as bought costly house in America,” Imam Ceesay said, justifying the reasons for unloading attacks on Mr. Jammeh.

“Jammeh was not grateful to Gambians who gave him everything. He treated everyone, including the majority Mandinka people like trash and even had the audacity to threaten them with death. As a religious leader in America I teach, counsel and guide people to lead a better and fulfiling spiritual life. I thought it would be immoral to ignore the government’s orchestrated madness. I live in America where not a single soul is eliminated without qualms. I want Gambians to enjoy the right to live in dignity and I pray to Allah to shower his blessings, peace and unity in The Gambia. By Allah’s willingness, our country will never produce the like of Yahya Jammeh, the man greedy who rebelled against his Creator,” Imam Ceesay said offering prayers to a large community of the welcomers who included Gambians from all walk of life.

Imam Ceesay shook hands with people eager to see him before being escorted to his Kotu residence.

Among the people who received Imam Ceesay were praise singing men and women who advised Gambians to honour a man who used his “knowledge to turn darkness into light. Gambians owe a lot to Imam Ceesay who has fought for them using Kairo Radio. I remember conducting programs with Musa Saidykhan, Fabou Sanneh and others on Kairo Radio. Imam Ceesay fearlessly used his knowledge to keep our spirits high that change was imminent,” said Pa Suso aka Jali Seattle.

Imam Ceesay’s welcoming program was organised by One Gambia Organisation.


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