“Risky Paths to Success” To Be Launched

Author Othman urged Government to look into back way, Access to Visa, related Challenges, 

The book entitles “Risky Paths to Success” authored by Ramatoulie O. Othman will be launched on Saturday, 26 January 2019 at the Law Faculty, University of The Gambia (UTG) Auditorium at 10am.

The book authored by Ramatoulie O. Othman is a reminder of the glaring risks faced by those venturing into dangerous terrains, in search of success.

As the generality of our youthful population glamour for a comfortable life from wealth aboard, there is need for a critical review of the complexities of some of the means used to reach desired destinations. Weighing the odds against the successes, less perilous and more fulfilling options are highlighted in this book.

The theme for the launching is “Migrate with Dignity,” and the Guest Speaker is Hon. Halifa Sallah – National Assembly Member Serekunda.

In an interview, the Author Ramatoulie O. Othman said the book entitled: “Risky Paths to Success” recounts the story of youth travelling abroad after being given impression for a better life, but upon travelling was subjected to slavery. “And upon return back home later with desperation he found colleague he left home was successful. The book therefore tries to portray that you can make it back home. And it is risky to give huge amount of money for someone you don’t know for a mere promise for a better life, and onboard boats on sea to Europe” she said.

Author Othman commended International Open University (IOU), formerly- Islamic Online University for willing to serve as publishers of the book. She added that the book can be used in schools by students, to educate them that they can make it in the country, without taking risky paths to success.

Madam Othman maintained that education is not about number of degrees you earn, but about the ability to create jobs and not being job seekers only, which the book aims to enlighten people on.

She said Hon. Halifa Sallah has been identified as guest speaker, due to his selfless service he renders to society, recalling her early days at Social Welfare, where Hon. Sallah used to stay overtime, up to 6pm at his office at a time when public workers closed and went home, just to attend to plights of the people who needed his attention.

Othman further expressed shocked with the Foreign Embassies that make it hard for our people to travel abroad, yet their people come in the name of tourism, holidays, etc, and they are treated like princess, while our people are suffocated when they want to travel abroad, and made to be desperate job seekers in Europe. She said such trend also contributes to making youth desperate and use the back way in search for greener pasture.

She called on the government to critically look into the issues of risky path to success, as well on embassies that are making travelling difficult for our people, yet when they want to come to our country they are treated with respect and dignity.

Isatou B. Secka, Assistant Registrar at the International Open University (IOU) said her institution is publishing the book because of its educational values, in line with their desire to provide quality education to students.

She said their focus is to educate students on how to create jobs, and not being job seekers only, in line with their university’s popular slogan- changing nation through education.

She described the book as complement in their educational efforts, to raise awareness on the risks involved in trekking through the back way to Europe, and enlighten people on how to travel with dignity.

For this reason, she said the book will be used in their school curriculum to educate students, to enable them become productive elements of society, by living and developing their societies.

She noted that IOU does publish books and Magazines to educate not only Muslims, but the human race on better living.

Secka further said that they published books in India, Ghana, Sierra Leone, Nigeria, Malawi, Uganda, South Africa, USA, UK, Australia and Indonesia, adding that this is their first book published in The Gambia.

She urged the public to develop culture of reading, citing that most Gambians taking risks to travel do not know what is happening elsewhere, but with the culture of reading they will know what is happening.

She expressed desire to see Gambians travelling in dignity, noting: “You can be better traveller, and can make it here. We need to give them hopes like mothers. You can have quality education, to create jobs, instead of being job seekers, depending on the type of education you have.”

Madam Secka further, among others expressed the need for people to shift from the current practice of Pull Him/Her Down (phD) to Pull Him/Her Up (PHU).

Author’s Brief Profile

This marks the fourth book published by Madam Othman. Her first book entitled “Views of an Onlooker” was a compilation of her Newspaper articles published on Nigeria’s Standard Newspaper in 1993; followed by the book- “Cherished Heritage” published in 1999; then Costly Prices published in 2005, and the “Second Edition of Cherished Heritage” published in 2012.

Madam Othman was born in The Gambia in the early 60s, did her Primary and Secondary Schooling Sierra Leone. She worked for Social Welfare Department from 1979 to 1982. She then travelled to Nigeria where she was married to a Nigerian, and lived, until her return to The Gambia in 1995, after the demise of her husband.

She also worked at Gamstar Insurance Company, before joining the Gambia Ports Authority (GPA) as Senior Manager/Administrator at the from 1997 to date.

Story By Madi S. Njie


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