President Barrow Fires Warning Shots

Gambian President has fired warning shots, advising government official saboteurs of his development agenda to resign before he deals with them.

President Adama Barrow is ready to fight any person who is bent on undermining his development plans. President Barrow made the statement at a rally in Wuli Foday Kunda in the Upper River Region (URR) on Sunday. Among the highly attended program  which preceded the foundation stone laying of roads and bridges in URR  were government officials.

Mr. Barrow used the rally to fire back on those throwing punches on the President Barrow Youth for National Development. He described it a group of youth who mobilised themselves before adopting him as their father. He was proud of ambitious young educated youths who are committed to champion the country’s advancement. Barrow said he would support the agenda of the youths whose activities have not contradicted the laws of the country. “All they are doing is to support communities by providing boreholes, milling machines and gardening stuff,” President Barrow said, applauding the youth organisation for complementing government’s efforts.

Gambian President said critics of his youth organisation have had skeletons on their cupboards, after all, there are many organisations in The Gambia. He wondered why the President Barrow Youth for National Development has been singled out for constant criticisms. Barrow said the plan to discredit and disintegrate the organisation would not succeed. As a matter of fact, President Barrow wished his youth organisation to be present in every community in the country to enable youths to suppkrt people.



  1. Kemo (Kemo)

    The warning shots are worthless threats. If you are not honest enough to name those you accuse by name, then leave it. The NDP is a national Agenda supported by all participating parties. The BYM is a personal political tool of Barrow and it is unworthy of a democratically elected president to set up such.
    UDP is absolutely right not to recognize the movement and Darboe was very right to make that categorically clear. Let us be friends in truth and honesty or part ways.
    The president cannot mob out the coalition leaders from govt. If he wants to remove them, he must use his constitutional powers to do so. The same constitution, provides parliament the powers to check on his powers and the parliament will act accordingly.
    He hasn’t made himself president. His presidency is a collective endeavor and all parties have a stake in it.
    He cannot mob Darboe out of govt because Darboe is representing a party that played a considerable role in making him president and they are stakeholders. Please sensitize this man!

  2. President Barrow’s recent campaign speeches and threats are dictatorial in every shape or form. President Barrow’s threat to his cabinet ministers is the kind of language Gambians used to hear during the days of military dictatorship when Jammeh would used similar kind of language to threaten ministers , diplomats and even foreign countries and their leaders. Barrow seems not to be learning anything about the behavior and activities of former President Jammeh. Jammeh’s used Jammeh foundation for economic exploitation and corruption while President Barrow is also using his so called First Lady Foundation and youth movement for the same purposes . Barrow boast of having more power than Jammeh. He needs to watch his speech. If he continue to speak like how Jammeh’s used to speak. I can highly predict that he will be a one term president.

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