As Gears Up For Historic Congress, OJ Says “The Elephant Has Awakened””

By Abdoulie John

The People’s Progressive Party (PPP) Acting Secretary General and National Coordinator Omar Amadou Jallow on Monday announced that delegates from the country’s 53 constituencies will converge at the YMCA Headquarter in Kanifing for the party’s historic Congress. The three-day event – the first of its kind since the party was unbanned by the former regime – the upcoming Congress is scheduled for December 28 through December 30. The theme of Congress is “Reviving the PPP to serve The Gambia better.”

Flanked by former Vice-President Bakary Bunja Darboe and a host of party officials, Mr. Jallow told a press conference held at their party headquarter in Latrikunda German that “the elephant has awakened.”

The three-decade rule by the PPP regime was cut short by the July 1994 military coup led by Yahya Jammeh. The party was subsequently forced to go into hibernation after the Military Junta imposed a ban on a political organisation that led the country to independence.

“Each of the 53 constituencies will be represented by ten delegates comprising men, women and youth,” Jallow said in his preliminary statement. “In addition, members of the Central and Executive Committees and party militants will be attending.”

In keeping with the mission to revive the party, the firebrand leader made it clear that the principles and policies of the PPP transcend tribe, reliigion and ethnicity.

“What is important for us is character, self-esteem, devotion, commitment, and dedication to country and development of the people,” he stated.

O.J also welcomed the new party members, including Duta Kamaso, a former parliamentarian who was jailed by ex-dictator Jammeh and Papa Momodou Njie, one of the major contenders in the recent Kanifing Municipality Mayoral race.

“PPP was banned. We were oppressed, suppressed and subjected to a lot of degrading and inhuman treatment,” he added in an attempt to highlight the sad turn of events the party was confronted with.

Mr. Jallow also threw jab at the former governing party for mounting a propaganda aimed at spreading lies about the achievements made by the PPP government.

“The truth shall always prevail. Now the truth has prevailed. We are back,” OJ said.

Citing a decision of the National Committee chaired by the Acting National President, Alhaji Yahya Ceesay, the PPP leader said the Congress will provide an opportunity for delegates to elect members to different organs of the party. He added that the agenda of the Congress will also include reports of the party leadership and the future orientation of the party.

Former President Sir Dawda Jawara is expected to grace the occasion that aims to transform the PPP as well as build a brighter future for Gambians.



  1. seringe jobe

    I hope they will inform the Gambians of what they have done being in office for 30 years. Not a single hospital, not a university, not a television, not even a nation-wide radio coverage.

  2. let ppp go to hell. more than thirty years governing we are still in that stillness. the current issues and then issues were caused by the their bad and heartless ruling. you think we are fools after misusing our limited resources ages ago and you want to do the same thing. if you people are sleeping we are not. you don’t even feel guilty to talk to decent people.

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