Barrow Changes Airport Ceremonies

Gambian President Adama Barrow has made some changes to his airport ceremonies.

In a press statement publish below verbatim, Gambian leaders excuses members of the public from attending the President’s ceremonies anytime he travels.

The Public is hereby informed that effective January 1st, 2019, His Excellency, President Adama Barrow would like to excuse members of the public from attending the usual airport ceremonies anytime he travels. Going forward, seeing off the President at the Banjul International Airport shall be limited only to the following officials:
Speaker of the National Assembly
The Chief Justice
Cabinet Members
The Chief of Defense Staff and other Service Chiefs
The Dean of the Diplomatic Corps

While President Barrow would like to express gratitude to all and sundry that take personal initiative to accompany him to the airport, the public is kindly urged to adhere to this measure.


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