UDP Showcases Unexpected Discipline

By Abdoulie John

As the curtains drew on United Democratic Party (UDP) 2018 National Congress at the weekend, Lawyer Ousainou Darboe had succeeded himself in the position of Secretary General and Party Leader. Mr. Darboe and 32 other members of the newly elected Executive Committee went unopposed in what appeared to be a great show of unexpected party discipline.

“In this New Gambia, I urge all of you to be alert and resistant to those who seek to devaluate your commitment to your party with inducement,” Mr. Darboe told delegates that stormed Pencha Mi Hall at Paradise Suites Hotel, Kololi. He did not name any incident of inducement.

In the run up to the National Congress, factional divisions had hung over the party of yellow, prompting observers to predict that disintegration would surface at the three-day event, especially when it comes to the election of a new Executive. That was not the case.

The party leader delivered a message of hope, saying that the UDP stood by Gambians when it was tough. “The UDP fought for you, for your rights and that resolve will never waver,” he said. He said that they would never forget that Gambians stood by them when it was necessary. “We today pledge to continue to pursue the agenda for The Gambia and the Gambian people. We will never abandon The Gambia and the Gambians,” he assured.

He said one of his goals is to resolutely turn the UDP into a party of the masses, which is why their arms are wide open to embrace all new members.

“I am confident that with wonderful, competent officials we have just elected, we are bound for higher heights,” said the elated party leader who led a fight to dislodge The Gambia’s self-styled dictator from power.

The party’s spokesman who got elected as the Administrative Secretary Legal/Human Rights downplayed the existence of a factional divide within the UDP.

“In a democracy you don’t expect things to go without controversy,” Lawyer Almami Fanding Taal told our reporter. Mr. Taal clearly stated that the UDP came out of the 2018 Congress more stronger and more united than ever.

The list of UDP Executive Committee stands as follows:

1. National President; Alhaji Dembo Bojang

2. First National Vice President; Yamundow Jaye-Yarboe

3. Second National Vice President; Momodou Sanneh

4. Secretary General/Party Leader; Ousainou Darboe

5. Deputy Secretary General/Deputy Party Leader; Mariam B Secka

6. Senior Administrative Secretary: Lamin Dibba

7. Deputy Senior Administrative Secretary: Alhagie S Darboe

8. National Organising Secretary: Ablie Suku Singhateh

9. Deputy National Organising Secretary: Babucarr L Jammeh

10. Administrative Secretary Legal/Human Rights; Almami Fanding Taal

11. Deputy Administrative Secretary Legal/Human Rights; Borry Touray

12. Administrative Secretary of Finance & Economic Affairs; Lamin K.T Jammeh

13. Deputy Administrative Secretary of Finance & Economic Affairs; Fatou Cham

14. Administrative Secretary for External Affairs; Tombong Saidy

15. Deputy Administrative Secretary for External Affairs; Hagi Banico Sissoho

16. Campaign Manager; Fakebba Colley

17. Deputy Campaign Manager; Karafa Sonko

18. Treasurer; Amadou Sanneh

19. Deputy Treasurer; Kemo Ceesay

20. Auditor; Landing Sanneh

21. Deputy Auditor; Alhagie Gibba

22. National Women Wing President; Aji Sukaina Kah

23. First National Women Wing Vice President; Adama Jallow

24. Second National Women Wing Vice President; Nogoi Njie

25. National Women Wing Secretary General; Jonfolo Jabbie

26. National Youth President; Sulayman Saho

27. First National Youth Vice President; Karim Touray

28. Second National Youth Vice President; Papa Touray

29. National Youth Secretary General; Kemo Bojang

30. National Female Youth Wing President; Fatou K. Jawara

31. First National Female Youth Wing Vice President; Jimbi Ceesay

32. Second National Female Youth Wing Vice President; Bineh Marong

33. National Female Youth Wing Secretary General; Ya Kumba Jaiteh



  1. Kinteh [Kemo]

    The discipline showcased is a testimony that the party was built on solid foundations. And Darboe is right to claim UDP as the party of the masses in the pursuit of “collective interest” and the betterment of our lives. Elements within and outside the party conspiring to weaken the party from within, hopefully, were shown the significance of the party as a united entity in the eyes of the ordinary people of the country. People who have not personally benefited from new Gambia but who are standing by the party simply because it embodies the sacrifice that enabled the deposing of a brutal tyrant.

  2. seringe jobe

    Did Darboe say.. ‘His goals is to resolutely turn the UDP into a party of the masses’? What is it now? It is not for the masses? How can he resolutely turn his party into a party for the masses when he never withdrew his campaign slogan which is ‘Ali ngha manding kaya faasaa’.

    • Lafia Touray la Manju

      Seinge Jobe that is a lie. Darboe never had any such slogan and will never do. His values, upbringing and family set up will not even allow that. As a matter of fact, most of his executive members for over a decade are/were non-mandinkas. That’s why the majority of his ambassadorial appointments are Banjul wollofs.

      Darboe attended school in Banjul and was living with a wollof guardian, who also happened to be a best friend of his father, a mandinka. If you don’t know him, shut up and don’t malign. unreasonable hatred is an illness.

      Kaironews, you should not have allowed this kind of blatant lies and unreasonable tribal hatred to be published on this website. We know this is not about Darboe per se but the Mandingo tribe of The Gambia as a whole. They will concort and peddle this kind of lies and tribal hatred against any mandinka who stands a real chance of becoming the president of The Gambia.

  3. Seringe jobe stop ridiculing yourself about this tribal bigotry better for udp is multi tribe party

  4. Alimatou Sarr

    Thin-skinned Suntou Daffeh aka Lafia is at it again blowing hot and cold air. How can you believe in one aspect of democracy and shun the other? Darboe is like any public figure who is not immune from being criticized. I can see the likes of you grooming another dictatorship era when UDP gets into power. That will never happen. Gambians have seen the light and that no one will suppress or censor their opinions. Well done Kairo News for not heeding to the likes of people who aspire to become lawyers yet they are fighting tooth and nail to deny bonafide Gambians their God-given freedom. I’m not an initial fan of President Barrow but I am now supporting him 100% for showing leadership skills despite his supporters being bullied by his own party. Mr. President, please focus on your development project and allow time to take care of the rest. Suntou Daffeh aka Lafia, live in real world and understand that we can have only one President at a time.

  5. Lafia Touray la Manju

    Alimatou Sarr, what has this to do with Barrow? No doubt something is troubling you inside.

    If Democracy calls for criticism in the name of free speech, why then should you have problem in me responding back?? You certainly know that this is not just about free speech but basically spewing baseless and malicious tribal hatred, and you expect no one to respond to that? You got a problem.

    If you want, support Barrow 1,000,000% (also, take me to be whoever). It doesn’t bother me. But do not distort facts. No one says there is two presidents in The Gambia neither does anyone try to have two presidents in that country. The events of last week were purely a party matter, and Barrow does not belong to any party. He confirmed this himself. So sort yourself out before agony takes a toll on you.

    Sa haritt, Thick-skin Lafia Touray la Manju (Sirimang nganah touray ning Manjang bereteh).

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