Dembo Bojang Sounded The Bell

The National President of the United Democratic Party (UDP) has delivered a very remorseful speech at the opening ceremony of his UDP’s congress held at Paradise Suites Hotel in Kololi on Friday.

Nicknamed Dembo By Force by his Bakau constituents, Dembo Bojang, also a Religious and Political Adviser to President Adama Barrow, sounded the bell asked why “only Mandinkas are in the habit of hauling insults at their political leaders. It is only the young Mandinkas who keep hauling insults on President Barrow, Ousainou and other political leaders in the country,” Mr. Bojang told delegates. He said youths of other ethnic groups in the country are rarely heard loading insults on their leaders.

“UDP is a cosmopolitan party that comprises of every tribe: Fulas, Mandinkas, Serers, Manjagoes, Papels. But all this noise is coming from the Mandinka society. There was a time we all got upset when Yahya Jammeh asked Mandinkas ‘who do you think you are’? Can’t we prove him wrong by our action?” Mr. Bojang said, expressing worries that “the signs of what Yahya Jammeh said have started emerging.”

“If you go to social media, you find a Mandinka insulting a fellow Mandinka; a Mandinka insulting Ousainou Darboe; a Mandinka insulting OJ; a Mandinka insulting Mai Fatty. The same Mandinkas are insulting President Adama Barrow. What is all this nonsense about?” the veteran politician asked.

Mr. Bojang said the behaviour of the younger generation is leaving the elderly population totally depressed. He wondered why the people who were late to join the UDP because of its philosophy and principles are now bent on insulting the founders and trashing everybody.

Mr. Dembo wanted the younger generation to be wary of destroying their own future because their elders have done their part by establishing a party that survived the worst of times. He wanted youths to exercise civility, maturity and respect in their political rhetoric.


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