It’s Time To Walk The Talk!

No one can dispute the established fact that Gambians are exceptionally good at writing projects, delivering proposals or dissecting wonderful theories. Just take a deep look at projects and proposals written by Gambians and see how you will be surprised about the amount of brilliance being demonstrated. But our problem is how to turn theory into effective and life changing realities? A society that cannot translate words into action is doom to fail.

Since we have mastered the art of theory, all our energy must now be spent on Walking the Talk. Has any one attended a meeting where one Gambian spoke your mind? Given the chance, one Gambian can say everything and leave other speakers with nothing other than “he/she has said it all.”

We can wither the storm when it comes to putting words into action. All we need to do is to put our creative mind to work by putting ideas to practice. Otherwise, we will not get to our Desired Destination or as Martin Luther King puts it “to the Promised Land.” All our people want is the creation of economic opportunities instead of endless noise or arguments over politics. Which country or society assures economic opportunities for its citizens with mere theories? Give us a break! We are sick and tired of hearing proposals that cannot be translated into action. Proposals that are left for cockroaches in office drawers!

Who says we can’t? Yes, we can. Napoleon Hill, the author of Think and Grow Rich, said progressive people must not believe in Impossibility. As a matter of fact, Mr. Hill searched for the word Impossible in his dictionary and remove it. For him, nothing is impossible. Our guidance is found in Napoleon’s quote that “whatever the mind conceives and believes the mind can get it.” With a tweak of our Gambian mindset, we will achieve our goals. We can also find wisdom in Mahatma Gandhi’s quote that “Become the change you wish to see in the world.”



  1. Mama Kanteh

    What a damn good editorial! Thank you Mr. Editor for writing it as it is. We need this type of progressive write ups. We want practical answers to our problems.

  2. The more a government takes off walking the talking, the more the citizens will get the urge to make theory tangible. India would not have become the India it ushered into, if Ghandi had not been the change he had wished for India. Maybe thanks to his inspirations, today they’ve become rocket scientists.
    A laid back, dodgy, clueless and corrupt government only breeds lazy, corrupt, greedy and ill hearted citizens.

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