All We Want Is Justice – SSHFC’s Camara

By Abdoulie John

As the Gambia government has set up an Inquiry Panel to look into the crisis that has hit Social Security and Housing Finance Corporation (SSHFC), Modou Camara made it clear that all what the workers want is justice.

“There is no hidden intention. We all voted for change because of the way the country was moving,” Modou Camara, who is mandated by SSHFC’s workers to speak on their behalf, told this reporter via a Whatsapp audio tape widely shared on social media platforms.
The tussle between SSHFC Managing Director and the workers has been lingering for over six months. A petition endorsed by staffers called on the authorities to unseat MD Manjang on the basis of corruption, nepotism, and favouritism. However, the MD Manjang has reportedly denied any wrongdoing.
After President Adama Barrow won the December 2016 Presidential  elections, Camara said they all welcomed his victory with open arms. He then reaffirmed their commitment to make sure New Gambia becomes a reality for all.
“Where do we go if everything crumble at Social Security?” he asked, in an attempt to warn against failing to restore the financial credibility of the public entity, which was subjected to shocking withdrawals of money by the former regime.
Unleashing hell on the current SSHFC boss, Camara explained that their concerns revolve around corrupt practices being spearheaded by the Managing Director.
On Tuesday, hours after a mediation mounted by the Inspector General of Police (IGP) Mamour Jobe; Chief of Defense Staff Mansanneh Kinteh, and NIA boss Ousman Sowe succeeded in putting an end to a standoff at SSHFC headquarter in Banjul, Modou Camara told this reporter that he has been elected to represent the staff at the Board of the Corporation.
“I am into this position because of the power vested in me,” he stated. “I don’t see how Manjang can survive per diem theft, stealing, and all the allegations that we made against him.”
He cited the scholarship package that was granted to a female staffer to further her study abroad while she is not even qualified.
Camara seized the opportunity to call on the authorities to take into consideration the concerns outlined in the 21-page petition filed six months ago.
He expressed hope that the investigation will help uncover the ‘hidden hand’ that suspended him for three months without salary.
“What have I done? Is it a crime to represent people that are paying me every month?” he voiced out.

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  1. Dida Halake

    Greetings Abdoulie John, Loyal Old Soldier! You never one to rebel against your boss!
    BOTH Modou Camara & Muhammed Manjang have had their LAST DAY at SSHFC … that is it, they are GONE FOR GOOD! See here why:

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