‘Not Even Ministers Are Above The Law’

Numuyel, Upper River Region, 20, July, 2018 – President Adama Barrow has said that no one is above the law and that the police are constitutionally mandated to enforce it to the letter.

“From Ministers to Permanent secretaries and the common man…. No one is above the law,” the President said, maintaining that the new dispensation came through the rule of law and will continue to run government on its values.

Reinforcing the supremacy of the law and the role of the police in implementing it, President Barrow added that the Police, in the execution of their duties to maintain law and order, have all rights to arrest, detain, question or investigate anyone in connection to any crime.

The President said this to thousands of people gathered at a meeting held in Nioro Tukulorr in Nianijar District of the Northern Central River Region as part of his countrywide tour. He said there are many reports that indicate instances of people resisting arrests, physically confronting police officers or refusing to cooperate with the Police in their job.

“The Police are here to enforce the law, maintain peace and security. In doing so, we know that they are constrained by a lot of factors such as limited man power and lack of mobility which impacts their ability to effectively operate in many situations,” he indicated.

He urged the communities to give maximum support to the Police in executing their duties and keeping the country safe and stable. He also argue that the new found democracy in the country does not mean that people can break the law or resist its enforcement by the Police.

Reiterating the significance of the rule of law in Bakadaji, Upper River Region, the President told the community that the law is here to serve the people. Regardless of the circumstance, the law is here to protect you and can be used to seek redress at all times, he explained.

On lands Commission
President Barrow also announced that a lands commission will soon be set up that will look into the numerous land disputes registered all over the country.

He said there are over 40 land disputes registered by the authorities across the country and that the said Commission will look into these disputes, investigate and give recommendations that will amicably resolve these disputes.
“People must not take the law into their own hands, no matter the given situations. Upholding the law must be everyone’s job as rule of law is here to stay,” he maintained.

Amie Bojang-Sissoho
Director of Press & Public Relations
Office of the President, State House, Banjul


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