Gambia Government Reacts To Jammeh’s Leaked Audio

The Government of The Republic of The Gambia, condemns in the strongest terms, ex-Gambian President, Yahya Jammeh’s utterly reprehensible and profoundly shocking and subversive comments, contained in a leaked telephone conversation with key APRC Executive members.

The leaked tape that went viral on social media a few days ago, revealed in significant detail, the former President’s desperate efforts to stay politically relevant in The Gambia even as his trail of terror and economic crimes are being cased for potential criminal prosecution.

Yahya Jammeh, who ruled The Gambia with an iron first for 22 difficult years and vowed to stay on for eternity, is desperately heard, shamelessly bragging about his mysterious prowess that defies both man and the supernatural world. “Neither man nor ginn can stop me from coming back to The Gambia” Jammeh declared in the audio message.

In characteristic Yahya Jammeh style, the former leader, made highly charged political statements laced with dark innuendoes and Quaranic references, that he will miraculously return to power one day.
During the lengthy and rambling conversation, former APRC Majority Leader in the National Assembly, Hon. Fabakary Tombong Jatta, eulogised Jammeh, assuring him of the party’s unshakable loyalty. Mr Jatta, who as Majority Leader regrettably spearheaded an Emergency Bill as a last ditch effort to help the defeated dictator cling onto to power illegally, is heard remorselessly assuring Jammeh of better days, continuous prayers and Allah’s protection.

In the same audio, the erstwhile Mayor of the Kanifing Municipality, Yankuba Colley, added currency to the sometimes very childish conversation as they joke about concubines and the good life prompting Hon. Jatta to ask, if the $10,000.00 (ten thousand) Jammeh gave to the former KMC Mayor was not spent on concubines and womanising. Like Hon. Fabakary Tombong Jatta, Mayor Colley addressed the exiled dictator in referential terms sometimes in a manner that suggests Jammeh were Saint.
In the light of these developments and aware of ex-President Jammeh’s dark record of: state-orchestrated disappearances, kidnappings, murders and incommunicado detentions, routine torture and incarcerations of perceived political enemies, journalists and members of the armed and security forces, the general public is reminded that Government takes these comments very seriously and will act accordingly and decisively.

Similarly, the general public is assured that the safety and security of our dear motherland remains the top most priority of The Adama Barrow Government.

Therefore, The Government of President Adama Barrow calls on the International Community particularly ECOWAS, AU, EU, and the UN as well as the Government of Equatorial Guinea, to take note with all the attention required of the subversive efforts and mal-intentions of the former Gambian leader.

Ebrima G Sankareh
Gambia Government Spokesperson



  1. Shameless and greedy Yaya Jammeh he is still power hungry. You better think of what lies ahead of you. Your barbarity and tyrannical ruling is hunting you. Don’t even think you will get away with it. It’s just matter of time sooner than later you see yourself in total disaster for the rest of life. I am advising the authority to arrest that undesirable element Fabakary and Yankuba they are threat to the society.That’s my opinion.

  2. Please Mr Barrow for the sake of national security, please order your Interior Minister and the secret service to arrest and detain Fabakary Tombomg Jatta, Yankuba Colley and anyone who are still in contact with Yaya Jammeh and still living in the country. They are a threat to the country and to yourself. Woe to Yaya Jammeh, Fabakary Tombomg Jatta, and Yankuba Colley for being traitors and evil monsters.

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