‘My Role Is To Eliminate Rumour’


By Abdoulie John

As The Gambia is pushing towards a more open society, the newly appointed Government Spokesperson, Ebrima M.G. Sankareh, has expressed readiness to carry out the responsibility to uphold transparency in addressing the public demands.

“My role is to eliminate confusion, rumour, and rumour-mongering in this country. That is precisely why I was appointed,” Ebrima M.G.Sankareh told reporters last Monday shortly after being sworn into office by President Adama Barrow during a ceremony held at State House in Banjul.

The tiny West African nation is emerging from the shadows of two-decade long dictatorship that was marked by a culture of opacity carefully engineered by ex-dictator Yahya Jammeh. The new regime has vowed to right the wrongs of the past in committing itself to hold regular post-Cabinet press briefings as well as organising news conference with the Head of State every six months.

Under this new political dispensation, Gambia Echo news anchor reiterated gov’t to ensure that there would be transparency, clarity and accountability.

He said he is tasked with the responsibility to liaise with all the Permanent Secretaries in every department and have a summarised version of all events happening to be able to have briefings scheduled to take place for fixed day and time every week.

“My role is not to create confusion but to quash confusion,” Sankareh emphasized.

He further stated that Gambia gov’t is determined to be more transparent.

“Transparency means openness,” he remarked while making it very clear that democracy cannot happen without openness.


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