Greenpeace Africa Hails Gambia For Disposing Off Rotten Eggs

By Abdoulie John

Greenpeace Africa Food for Life Campaigner Claire Nasike has commended Gambian authorities for taking action against harmful food that can cause health hazards. The move taken by the country’s food safety body is part of government’s efforts to ensure that consumers have access to quality food.

“Greenpeace Africa supports Gambia’s food safety and quality authority’s move in disposing the rotten eggs,” campaigner Claire Nasike told this reporter in an exclusive interview.

Up to 640 boxes of rotten eggs were successfully disposed off last week by The Gambia’s Food Safety and Quality Authority.The news reminded Gambians about The need to strengthen control over imported food stuff inundating local market.

She further stated that government should put stringest measures to ensure that food meant for human consumption is produced in a safe and healthy manner.

Weighing in on the existing international food law in major makets, she pointed out that the international food safety standards clearly states that buying or selling /importing or exporting in the world food market requires that one meets the expectations of trading partners in the particular region.

Nasike then added that food exporters must comply with the standards imposed by the importing nation where the food will be consumed.

“Consequently, a firm intending to export its products must comply with both the domestic and foreign laws where those products are to be exported,” she remarked.

In recent years, African countries have become a battleground for big corporate entities interested in flooding local markets with products that are harmful to human health. To many observers, law enforcement agencies should be WELL equipped to deal with a phenomenon that is posING a real threat to life.


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