Africa Needs To Come Together To Fight Corruption

By Abdoulie John

Gambian President Adama Barrow has expressed the need for African countries to close ranks in their efforts to curb corruption.

“Africa is speaking the same voice on how we deal with corruption. A lot of resources has been wasted in Africa, it is now time that Africa come together and fight corruption if we mean development for Africa,” Barrow told reporters Tuesday evening upon his arrival at Banjul International Airport.

Last week, a-two day African Union (AU) summit took place in Nouakchott, Mauritania. The event, which brought together more than 30 Heads of State, provided an opportunity for participants to discuss a wide ranging issues. The fight against corruption topped the debates including institutional reforms of the continental body.

President Barrow who vowed to right the wrongs of the past in the tiny West African nation said the African Head of States were serious about taking such a move, and committed themselves to building strong institutions that would help fight corruption.

“Even if we cannot eliminate corruption 100 percent, at least, we can minimize it in the interest of our continent. I think this was the main focus and direction of the summit,” he added.

Global anti-graft watchdog Transparency International said corruption is still a problem in Africa, and continues to hold back the continent.

African countries appear at the bottom of the 2017 Corruption Perception Index (CPI) with an average rating of 32.

Described by many people as a ‘sporting activity’ under the previous regime, the phenomenon seems to have gained vivacity in New Gambia, prompting campaigners to take to the streets to denounce corruption.

To many observers, this renewed commitment sets high expectations for President Adama Barrow to establish the much awaited anti-corruption commission…


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