Let The Law Take Its Course

The Executive Director of the Centre for Human Rights and Development wants all Gambians to let the law take its course. In a press statement prompted by angry protest  by Brikama youths over the killing of one Musa Colley, Yahya Dampha said no democracy guarantees any person to act outside the sanctity of the laws.

Read below the press statement:

Centre for Human Rights and Development condemns the youths in Brikama for taking the law into their hands over the reported killing of a young man. The apprehension of the alleged killers of the young man by the Police is a clear demonstration that there is rule of law in the country. The law should be given chance to take its Course.

The youths must be educated on the principles of Democracy, Human Righs and Rule of Law. No matter how upset they are, all citizens must respect the law enforcement agencies as well as desist from taking the law in their on hands. Mob justice, an eye for an eye laws, and jungle justice have no Place in any democratic state. We must all join hands in the promotion of the rule of law and ready to take advantage of the law courts in pursuing redresses. Hooliganism or vandalism have no place in a democratic nation.

“For us to nurture our New Democracy, civil society organisations and The Gambia Government must engage our youths through civic education and civil, military and police relations programs. This will help Cement cordial relations and understanding between citizens and security agencies,” says Yaya Dampha, the executive Director of Center for Human Rights and Development.


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